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Taylor Swift’s Grammy Evolution — Celebrating Her 4 Album Of The Year Awards And The Moments In Between

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Taylor Swift shocked the rest of the world when she won her record-breaking 4th Album of The Year Award at the Grammy Awards. As if this was not unbelievable enough, she also announced that she is now releasing an all-new album, Tortured Poets Department on April 19th. 

Beyond this most recent record-breaking moment, Taylor Swift has a long history with the Grammy Awards. Whether it be from her fourteen Grammy wins, her fifty-two nominations, or her losses and missteps, Taylor Swift has fully cemented her global superstar status.

Her first nomination was back in 2018 with her self-titled debut album for Best New Artist. After losing the award, Taylor Swift shook it off! She returned in 2009, winning her first four Grammy Awards: Best Country Album, and her first Album of The Year Award for her second album Fearless, as well as Best Country Song and Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her song White Horse.

After years of nominations and losses, Taylor Swift came back with a big win in 2012 of two Grammy Awards for Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song for her song “Mean.”

Following this win, Taylor Swift received another Album of The Year nomination for her album Red. After this nomination, she consequently earned another nomination and win in 2015 for her album 1989.

After more years of endless nominations, Taylor Swift suffered a shock in 2019 when her album, reputation, was not nominated for album of the year. As seen in her documentary, Miss Americana, Taylor Swift was hurt and confused after learning she had not been nominated for this award. This news was following the tough year she had from the latest Kanye West and Kim Kardashian scandal where Taylor Swift was branded a liar and a “snake.” Her album, reputation, was a clapback at the drama and a comeback into the spotlight, only to be snubbed of the prestigious Album of The Year nomination.

Years after suffering the blow of being snubbed, Taylor Swift came back and won her third Album of The Year Award for her album, folklore. This is personally one of my favorite albums, housing — in my opinion — Swift’s best three songs: “cardigan,” “betty,” and “august.” You have to read the lore behind these three songs and how they interact to weave one complex love story!

This album was followed by another iconic new album of music: evermore. This album marked her last new album before she entered her official re-recording era of covering her songs, her version.

In November 2021, Swift broke the internet with the “All Too Well: 10-minute version” and a short film starring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink, Taylor Swift was back on the charts as someone to watch. This short film brought this song back on my radar and wow — changed the trajectory of my year for sure!

Most recently, Taylor Swift earned her fourth Album of The Year Award for her newest album Midnights at the 2024 Grammy Awards. This was monumental as she now holds the record for the most Album of The Year Awards—period. How cool, right? Seriously, what a girlboss.

Now, after her record breaking track record of wins, Taylor Swift has achieved global icon status. Her long reign of original albums and awards make her one of most well known people of our generation. I remember growing up with Taylor Swift, listening to all of her albums, and experiencing all of her eras. To me, watching her inspire the younger generations is magnetizing, and she really deserves every accolade she has earned. Speaking to her future as an artist — personally, I’m excited — who knows what this new era will bring? And I can not wait to be there listening every step of the way!

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