A Super Cute Seasoned Music Festival Goer - Kirstie

Name: Kirstie

Year: Senior

Major: Philosophy & Communications

Minor: English

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite spot to eat in IV: Silvergreens

Celebrity crush: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Favorite DJ: Hucci

Favorite Music Festival: Coachella

When did you start going to music festivals and which one did you go to?

Beyond Wonderland in March 2013

Hobbies: Yoga and going to music festivals

Favorite place in the world: Hawaii



What do you enjoy about music festivals?

I love dressing up for festivals, how strangers become friends, the sensory overload of the lights, lasers and fire, and the fact that I can pay to see hundreds of world class DJs in one place.

Any tips for first time music festival goers?

Definitely drink water, buy at least one meal or snack at the event. Even though it is expensive, the food and water are life saving when you are dancing all day. Something else that is really important is communicating with your group about where you are going to meet up or else it gets much more complicated. You should plan to see certain artists but also be open to seeing someone you've never heard of.

What is the next music festival you are looking forward to and why?

Coachella! I’m so excited for Coachella because it is one of the top two best festivals I have ever been to, beat out only by EDC, nothing in my opinion can compare to EDC. Last year was my first time going to Coachella and it completely blew me away. It killed all my expectations or any doubts that I had. I had a certain idea about Coachella and my notion was very limited but I didn’t realize many things until I went. I knew it was all ages but it really proved to have attendees from all ages, all ethnicities, and all backgrounds. Because of the diverse attendance, the vibes are really good. It’s really fun, everyone is very kind, and everyone wants to have a good time. Last year, I even befriended some girls from Australia while waiting to shower in the camp! The location is also a really big factor. It’s in the middle of the desert and palm springs is super gorgeous. Although it feels sort of weird, it is also enlightening to be dancing in the middle of the desert surrounded by lights and stages—it’s like an oasis. You also have to fight the elements at Coachella too. You have to fight the heat, wind, and dust, but it makes you feel like a warrior. It’s a great learning experience because you let yourself become part of the environment. I definitely learned a lot from camping both weekends last year. Another reason I love going to these events is to dress up. Fashion is such a huge part of Coachella, for better or worse. This is event is pretty expensive but it is events like this that made me want to work harder and make my own money. I didn’t want to use my parent’s hard earned money for something like this so I got a job and work really hard so I can attend these events. Some people may see these events as being “extra” but I enjoy them so it is not extra at all to me. It’s necessary. It’s my life. Coachella is also amazing because it can make you feel so detached from the real world. I get all my work done in advance and for three days, I can have a mini vacation where I get to see some of the top musicians in the world, people that I have never seen and would not get a chance to see because they don’t do tours. I am so stoked! I am ready for the XX’s set to change my life and reconnect me with a feeling that hooked me since I was fourteen. The best thing about Coachella, or any event, is just the feeling you get when you get to be part of this amazing shared experience. We are all here together, we all chose to make it out here and do this. For these musicians, some people you have listened to for year and you just cannot believe they are there in front of you, doing what they do best. I can’t wait!

Best decision you made in college?

The best decision I made in college was taking all my general educations first because I didn't really know what I wanted to do. By taking general education classes first, I was able to take Philosophy 1 and Communication 1, which ended up being my majors. I never really knew what philosophy and communication were before college and this let me explore those.

What are some of the best classes you've taken at UCSB?

The best classes I have taken at UCSB are Earth 4: Introduction to Oceanography, Phil 1: Introduction to Philosophy, Materials 10: Materials in Society, and Ling 50: Language and Power, to name a few. Earth 4 was one of the best classes I took at UCSB because we got to do labs on the beach and at the touch tanks. It's very relevant since we go to school next to the beach! Introduction to Philosophy introduced me to my favorite subject, something that I never studied before. It was really interesting because you get to discuss topics that people normally don't discuss like the existence of evil and God. Materials 10 is a science class where you learn about the chemistry of different materials and their properties. It was really cool because you learn how things such as bridges and airplanes are built. I've taken three linguistics classes so far and they are all amazing. In Linguistics 50, we got to learn about how different linguistic styles shape society. For example, valley girl vs. ebonics (African American vernacular English). There are so many classes worth taking at UCSB!