Sunscreen Queen

Some may call me the sunscreen queen, because I cover myself in block from head to toe, as they brag about the luscious richness of the tan they achieved by laying out for hours… but to me all I can think of is the sun spots, wrinkles, and overall saggy skin that results from years of unprotected sun exposure. Excuse me for wanting to avoid the perils of skin cancer and keep myself looking forever twenty. Forget the trends of being “tan” and enjoy being in your own skin. Here’s some of my favorite sunscreen brands to keep you protected from those UV rays this summer without feeling sticky, gooey, or greasy.


Disclaimer: I’m by no means a certified dermatologist, these are just my personal preferences.


1. Alba Botanica 

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This brand is amazing. Their products smell like heaven (mango coconut anyone?), although they also offer fragrance free options. From spray sunblocks to lotions for your face and body and everything in between I could practically eat this stuff it’s so smooth and delicious. The texture of their sunscreen lotion is so smooth you may find yourself using it even in the dead of winter because it smells and feels just that good. Also (sorry this is a bit of a rant) but they don’t test on animals, are coral reef safe, and it is biodegradable! I currently use their hawaiian green tea sunscreen which is also water resistant.


2. Neutrogena

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This is always a solid go to available at most drugstores. Neutrogena is great because they offer oil free sunscreens to prevent breakouts (because who wants zits while trying to protect themselves from the sun). They also offer heavenly smelling and lightweight spray sunblocks. I hate nothing more than that greasy, sticky feeling some brands give you.


3. Elta MD

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If you don’t mind splurging just a tad, which I think is worth it for the skin you wear for the rest of your life, I would highly recommend Elta MD’s Daily Facial sunscreen. I had this recommended to me by a dermatologist because it has great coverage, a lightweight feel, and is does not run into your eyes if you sweat while wearing it. It does not leave behind a shiny or greasy residue, and is ideal for everyday wear because it is also a moisturizer. It’s two products in one and well worth every penny.