Springtime Skin and Body Care

After the harsh winter weather blowing in our faces all last season, it’s time to give our skin the proper care it needs as we transition into the spring season. Our skin’s about to be soaking up all the sunshine and Vitamin D it was definitely lacking and retaining more moisture than in the winter months. There are a few products and things we should be focusing more on during this season in order to fully protect and nourish our skin and body. 

Image via Allure

  1. 1. Sunscreen

    All day, every day. Everywhere. We should be wearing at least an SPF 30, especially on our face. If you can find makeup that has SPF in it, that’s always good too. I personally use First Aid Beauty’s tinted moisturizer with SPF 40 and it works well to protect my face while providing a nice even coverage. It’s smart to have some aloe vera on hand too just in case you end up getting burned more than expected.

  2. 2. Body Lotion

    Another important staple in our skincare this spring should be a moisturizing body lotion to slather on after showering or whenever we’re feeling especially dry. I use CeraVe moisturizing cream after a day in the sun, and I’ve noticed that it greatly reduces my chance of a bad burn. It also helps reduce peeling if you do get burnt and retains the moisture in your skin.

  3. 3. Eye Cream

    Because the sun will be shining more, we often find ourselves squinting (at least when we don’t have sunglasses readily available). It’s important to have a nourishing eye cream in order to keep the delicate skin around our eyes protected and reduce fine lines (if that matters to you). Recently, I've been using Bliss's Ex-glow-sion eye cream which hydrates using Vitamin C and reduces the appearance of dark circles.

  4. 4. Light face moisturizer 

    In the winter, we often use heavier, thicker moisturizers to compensate for the loss of moisture and drier skin. We retain more moisture in the spring because of warmer temperatures and an increase in humidity; therefore, we only need to be using a light moisturizer. Ideally, your daily moisturizer will include hyaluronic acid which aids to lock in moisture for a healthy glow. I've been using Simple Skincare's hydrating gel-cream both morning and night.

  5. 5. Drinking more water

    We should always be drinking a lot of water, but when the weather’s warmer and we’re spending more time in the sun doing outdoor activities, our bodies will need extra water to stay hydrated. I would suggest carrying around a full water bottle every day, which can be a helpful reminder to drink consistently.  

Along with these five essentials, eating nutritiously and staying active are important factors in a healthy body and for radiant skin. We should make sure to include enough veggies, fruits, and proteins in our diet. According to Healthline, red wine and dark chocolate are among the fun yet nutritious foods we can eat in order to keep our body and skin healthy and happy.

We should also keep our bodies moving in some way throughout the week. Since it’s been extra warm here in Santa Barbara, going for a swim in the pool is an ideal choice!

Image via Unsplash

Hopefully, by following these suggestions and adjusting them into our daily routines, our skin will be glowing in the most natural way this spring.