Songs to Pump You up on Your Way to Your Midterm

As midterms and papers are in full swing, I have found myself increasingly stressed out, and just generally on the unhappy side of life. My brain is consumed with deadlines, definitions, theories, key concepts, and what kind of scantron I need. In times of stress, I have found that what helps me the most is music. The past few weeks I have found myself more and more popping in my headphones and playing some happy, upbeat, motivating tunes to help me through the slump of midterms. What is even better is playing these songs as you walk or bike to your test to help calm anxiety, get the positive vibes rolling, and de-stress all in a matter of five to ten minutes.


Here are some of my favorites to listen to on my journey to class to!


1. MMMBop- Hanson 

2. Walking on Sunshine- Katrina & The Waves 

3. Here Comes The Boom- Nelly 

4. Eye Of The Tiger-Survivor 

5. Remember The Name- Fort Minor 

6. Pocketful Of Sunshine- Natasha Bedingfield

7. The Final Countdown- Europe 

8. Hey Ya- Outkast 

9. Valerie- Amy Winehouse