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Self Care Tips for Your Mid-Quarter Slump

Self-care is more important than ever amidst the crazy times we are living in right now. As we approach the middle of the Fall quarter, we must continue to take self-care very seriously. Here is a list of things that make me feel like I can continue the quarter with ease…


Plan it Out

weekly planner on a tablet

I’m sure you’ve been told this time and time again but really, get a planner! I swear it will help you stay organized now that week five has hit, and many of us feel like we’re drowning in assignments. I write down all of the due dates from my syllabi and color code them by class. Trust me on this. It’ll keep you in check! 


’Twas, the Night Before Classes 

Skincare morning routine
Kevin Laminto

Having a night routine is important to keep your head in the game and give yourself some sense of normalcy. Make yourself a healthy dinner, throw on a face mask (I’m loving the Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask), and take a steamy shower. These simple tasks will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for what you have scheduled tomorrow. Normally I would say to pack your backpack and pick out your outfit, but let’s be real, Zoom University leaves no need. Lastly, make yourself a cup of hot tea and hit the sheets at a decent time. Trust me, Tik Tok will be there in the morning, and your beauty sleep is more important! 


Get movin’ 

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A remote quarter means spending a lot of time indoors. Although it can be very tempting to stay in bed all day and sign in to those Zoom meetings with your camera off, it’s still very important to keep your physical health in check. Take a walk outside and get some fresh air when you have a break from your long day of classes. Or, if going for strolls isn’t your thing, maybe try some yoga in the park with your roomie! Exercise is very beneficial for mental and physical health, and now is not the time to put either on the back burner. 


If you’re struggling with a case of the mid-quarter slump, hopefully, these tips leave you ready to turn this quarter around and make it one for the books! 
Roxanne is a senior Film and Media studies major at UCSB. She was born and raised in the Bay Area but has made Santa Barbara her home for the past five years. When Roxanne isn't writing or spending hours catching up on Youtube videos, you can find her working with children or at the beach with friends!
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