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A Pampering Skin Care Routine on a Budget

It’s that time in the quarter: there’s a short but long-awaited lull in between midterms. It’s that small break that stops us from laying down and asking ourselves if we really need this education we’re paying thousands of dollars for? (The answer is yes, FYI.) So what does one do? You pamper the sh*t out of your face without breaking the bank. The following facial routine will stop your face from getting that horrid stress induced pimple and make sure you look like a glowing angel in a classroom full of zombies.

1. Cleanser

For the first product, purchases won’t be necessary because when it comes to cleansers, you just want something that will clean your face. That doesn’t mean just to use whatever soap (girl, put down the Dove bar soap), what I’m saying is that the correct cleanser for your skin will clean your face without leaving your skin too dry. Now I have oily skin, so for me, that cleanser is Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity Facial Wash, but if you prefer to use the cleanser that works for your skin that’s great too.  

2. Steam

Steaming your face opens your pores, releases the toxins from your skin, and allows the next products we’re going to discuss to penetrate deeper. While you can purchase a face steamer that will cost you a good chunk of your hard-earned money, you can get the same results with a heat-resistant bowl, a kettle, and a big bath towel. Just boil some water, put it in the bowl and then lower your face about twelve inches above the water with the towel over your head to trap the steam. If you wanna be a bit extra™, you can even add some fresh or dried herbs to the water like chamomile, mint, or parsley for a more of a skin boost.    

3. Clay Mask

I’m all about the clay mask, and while there are a bunch of them on the market for way more money, my favorite has got to be Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. I swear this product has prevented so many pimples from making their debut on my face, and it’s VERY cheap. You just mix this clay with equal parts apple cider vinegar or water (but trust me on this one and use the vinegar) with a plastic spoon and then put that miracle worker on your face for 15-20 minutes. Because we steamed our faces beforehand, the clay will really pull out the dirt and impurities.    

4. Face Mask

Yep, you read right: we’re double masking. The negative side of the clay mask is that it does leave your skin feeling a little dry. Now what we want to do is start replenishing our skin with moisture. To do this, I recommend using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face Mask. For a whopping $2.99 you get this moisturizing face mask that completely drenches your face, but in a good way. The rest of this step is pretty self-explanatory, but make sure that after you remove the mask you really work the remaining serum into your face.     

5. Under Eye Mask

One of the most obvious signs of our late-night study sessions is under eye circles. Now if you want to wear them as a badge of honor, you have my full and complete support. But if you’re like me and want to see them gone, then I recommend you use e.l.f. Hydrogel Under Eye Mask. These cute little masks will make your under eye area look brighter, helping us fake an eight-hour night of sleep when we really only had like three.         

6. Tone

After all these steps we want to start tightening up the pores again. To do this you want to use a toner, and while there are many on the market, I will always love Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol Free Tone. I specifically use the one that smells like rose petals, but Thayers also has many other scents, including an unscented version if your skin is extremely sensitive. With a cotton round, apply the product on your face for tighter pores and a brighter complexion. A tip for all of you wanting to boost your toner is to use an ice tray and freeze some of the product like a toner popsicle and then rub that all over your face.     

7. Moisturize

This is the last step in our facial routine and that is to moisturize. Now, I have already gone over the importance of moisturizing (if you wanna read more about it, go here: Moisturizers That Will Save You Skin), and in my opinion the product that will get the job done for both oily and dry skin is Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel. Just apply the product on your face and feel as all the hydration returns to your skin. You can even apply with a fan brush if you want a little more of the pampering feel.     


You whenever someone asks you why you look so rested:

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