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My Mom is More Fit Than Me: This is What It’s Like

Moms. We all have one! Every mom is unique in their own way. They are the wonderful women who have cultivated us into the individuals we were meant to be. Have you been asked if your mom was your sister? Is your mom more fit than you? Are these questions too familiar? If so, here are some instances that may be very evident in your life. Don’t worry, you are not alone. 

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Her classes at the gym are not for beginners, no matter how amateur she claims they are. 

Cross fit, spin class and boot camp. Those are in no the easiest classes. These classes will leave you in tears if you are not prepared for what you’re about to get yourself into. If you plan on attending a class with your mom, please prepare yourself emotionally and physically because you’re going to need it. It could be a bonding experience, if your mom’s idea of bonding is laughing at you while you struggle during your “uphill”. 

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One of your main incentives for going to her races is the potential free food (In-N-Out) and freebies.

Waking up at 6am and waiting in 60-degree weather is not something that many of us would do willingly. For races that your mom competes in, it is important to go and support her as you cheer at the finish line. However, the component of the race that you were looking forward most happens after. These races usually include In-N-Out trucks, taco trucks, fresh orange slices, cut bananas, and a wide array of freebies offered at surrounding company tents. You know you’re about to eat good and fill your pockets with an unnecessary amount of pens.  

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She intentionally parks in the farthest spot possible to get more steps in.  

No, it is not the holiday season and the parking lot is not full. For her, the parking spot in the back seems like the most alluring spot in the lot. This 1000 feet walk may constitute as your exercise for the day, but for her it only adds more steps to her day. We should appreciate her dedication to devising impromptu workouts, but please drop me off at the entrance.  Image via Google Images 

Might as well give your cute clothes to her because they look better on her anyway.  

Your mom may have the physique that allows your clothes to look more flattering on her. Another equally troublesome issue is when you retire clothes meaning for it to go the Goodwill, but your mom thinks otherwise. She appears to have reinvented the shirt and it somehow looks better than before. You low-key wish you had not retired the shirt after seeing her model it. However, she’s rocking it and you’re going to be her biggest fan as she’s wearing it. 

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You’re confused why your mom’s love for health isn’t hereditary. 

Running may not be your thing, but it is definitely your mom’s. How does that work? You’re 50% her, but rather than getting her love for running, you got her eyes and round face. You’ve tried so hard to convince yourself that you’re some running prodigy who is a late bloomer. A really, really late bloomer. With hard work, you can achieve this. You can’t be depending on your genes to do it all for you—it’s all up to you, boo.   

Hello, I'm Viv a Sociology Senior at UC Santa Barbara. I am a proud dog mom of four, avid concert-goer, and constant chipotle eater. I'm an aspiring journalist and I love being part of the HerCampus team. 
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