How to Have a Productive Summer While in Quarantine

Does Quarantine have you feeling as if your life is on pause right now? Does it make you feel as if you live every single day the same way? Because same here. Unfortunately, no vaccine is yet discovered and the recent word on the street is that quarantine has been extended for another three more months, yes you read that right, three. It’s crazy to look back at the start of quarantine in March and see how fast time has passed; we're about to be in June! With the start of summer around the corner, I'm sure I'm not the only person getting constant reminders on my Snapchat memories showing me how much fun my summer 2019 was, which might make us feel bummed about this summer. Regardless, I am one to look at the glass half full rather than half empty, and though our summer is technically canceled, there is still hope to stay productive and enjoy ourselves until we are in the clear to go back to normalcy. A huge step to take in keeping a productive summer is to engage in activities in which you are remaining somewhat active because let’s face it, laying in bed all day watching Netflix gets a bit old. Another tip for keeping a productive summer is taking the time to fix up your resume and cover letter to prepare for the famous post-graduate job hunt. Take this time to reach out to employers and display your interest whether it’s for an internship, research opportunity, or a job. Additional tips include learning how to cook, even if they are only TikTok recipes, reading a self-discovery book (“You are a bada*s by Jen Sincero is a 10/10 recommend!), listening to your favorite playlists, engaging in arts and crafts, or simply doing small self-reflection throughout the day to better your mind and soul. However, don't feel bad if you can't actively engage in these activities all the time. 

Photo by Victor Freitas from Unsplash

Take this time in quarantine to engage in all of the activities you had no time for before! I have learned a huge lesson while in quarantine: you can’t be happy unless your mind is happy, so why not give it all it needs to do so? Wishing you all a safe and happy summer!