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Homemade Breakfast Burritos for Two

Don’t feel like going to a restaurant to eat a delicious breakfast burrito? Here’s an easy recipe to make one right at home!


1 large potato

3 eggs

Green bell pepper

White onion

2 Tortillas


Shredded cheese

Garlic Salt


Olive Oil


1. Cut up the potato into small pieces. Coat a pot in olive oil. Pour potatoes in and cook covered for 10-12 minutes on medium heat. Once soft, add spices to taste. Continue cooking and stir for 5-7 minutes (may need more olive oil to prevent burning).

2. Put oil in a seperate skillet. Dice green bell pepper and white onion and place in pan. Cook for two minutes.  

3.  Mix eggs in a bowl with a fork. Add to the skillet with salt and pepper to taste, and scramble until well cooked.  

4.  Place eggs, bell pepper, and onion onto the tortillas. Add potatoes, salsa, and cheese.  

5. Wrap and enjoy!


Siobhán is a fourth year English major at UCSB. She is originally from the Bay Area and still misses hearing "hella" on the daily. She loves the ocean, photography/ film, music, and good eats (especially burritos). In her free time, she likes to obsessively watch Netflix, watch the sunset, and experiment with new recipes in the kitchen! You can see what she is up to on her instagram @swetzelll.
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