Healing a Broken-Hearted Friend

We’ve all been there. Whether it was your heart or your friend’s heart, we know the pain of heartbreak very well. Everyone has different coping mechanisms, but no one has a roadmap of how to actually heal from the pain they’re feeling. But here’s how you can help someone you know put that heart back together again stitch by stitch:

1. “It’s okay to cry, but only for now.”

We’re all human inside and out, so it’s vital to remind your friend that their emotions are valid. Tell them it’s okay to cry and that no one’s judging them when they choose to eat a pint of strawberry ice cream at 1 a.m. It’s okay to be sad!

But it’s also important to remind them that this sadness is only temporary, and eventually they’re going to have to pick themselves off the ground. The longer they allow themselves to wallow in their heartbreak, the longer (and more difficult) it will be to move on from it. It sounds heartless, I admit. But, in my opinion, every heartbroken gal needs a realistic friend to slap a sense of reality into them.

Bottom line: It’s okay to cry, but eventually you’re going to realize life’s not going to wait for you to finish being sad before it moves on. So, take all the time you need, and get yourself right back on your feet when you’re ready.

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2. “Even though it feels like it, it’s not the end of the world.”

When someone you cared deeply for suddenly decides to leave your life, it can feel like the world is falling apart. One has to relearn how to live life without that person, and it’s a bittersweet journey. You have to remind them that although everything feels a little bit more empty than usual, it won’t be like that forever. Remind them that they are strong, and that they have all the capability in the world to get through this. Life throws obstacles at us all the time, with some being harder than others. But what matters is how well they get over those hurdles, and your words and actions can play a huge role in helping them accomplish that.

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3. “It just takes time, and people will be around you to support you throughout the entire journey.”

There’s no way to speed through the pain. Remind your friend that the only way to truly heal is to feel the sadness and learn to move forward from it. Processing the pain and understanding it is the first step towards a healthy heart. But while they’re in this dreadful stage, be there for them. Whether it’s words or a warm hug, be there for them to lean on when they need it, and be an open ear when they feel like talking about it.

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4. “You deserve the world and so much more.”

While in the mourning stage, it’s easy to forget who you are and what you stand for. It’s important that you become the person who reminds them of their self-worth. Remind them that the person they lost does not define who they are as a person and help them slowly build up their self-confidence bit by bit.

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