Halloween in Isla Vista: Survival Guide

I hope you’ve got a costume picked out, because spooky vibes are everywhere! Unfortunately, in Isla Vista, so are policemen on horses… But have no fear, girls and ghouls, the infamous IV Halloween rampage doesn’t have to be one of the things that scares you silly this October.

Whether you’re a fledgling Gaucho getting Hallo-wild for the first time, or just want a fresh opinion on how to navigate the holiday, here’s a compilation of tips, tricks, and even a few treats just for you this Halloween. Image via Giphy

1. Dress Up-- Trust Me

You like superheroes? Find yourself a cape and rock it. Want to go classic with your bestie? Angel wings and devil horns never go out of style. Channeling Regina George this year? Great, more power to you, work those bunny ears. No matter how simple, wearing something that you can call a costume is a sure-fire way to get you into the Halloween spirit. Just because we’re not kids anymore doesn’t mean it’s time to give up playing dress up and deny your inner-child the right to pretend you’re a Ninja Turtle; or whatever floats your boat.

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2. Party Prep

Let’s not pretend the rumors about Isla Vista Halloween parties are totally unfounded; we all know and love the wild nights and deserve to let loose sometimes. Even so, Gauchos look out for themselves and each other, so let’s make sure everyone makes it back to class on Monday.

There are the classics, like leaving a full water bottle in your bed and making sure you don’t sit down on the curb, but Halloween has some special rules. Pick your own poison instead of letting someone else do it for you. Let go of your drink if you put it down anywhere, though, for even a second. Once that red plastic touches the table, it’s done-zo; better safe than sorry, and there will be plenty more magic potions around this Halloween. Last but not least, get some food in you before a night out, and make sure your friends do the same!

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3. Stick Together

Other than the undisputed fact that group costumes are totally awesome, Halloween provides us with a prime opportunity to stick to the buddy system. Sometimes the sweet spookiness can turn a little sour, so you can’t go wrong surrounding yourself with people who make you feel safe and just want you to have a good time. Plus, there’s the added bonus of having someone to buy and devour Halloween candy with at the end of the night.

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4. Have a Back-up Plan

Not to burst the Halloween party bubble, but as we all know by now, a night out in Isla Vista doesn’t always go splendidly. Whether your good time meets an early end at the hands of the dreaded noise ordinance, or you and your squad just aren’t feeling it, you can never go wrong with a back-up plan. Staying in on Halloween doesn’t need to mean more studying and going to bed at 10 p.m. Bake up some cookies, jam out to the Monster Mash with an apartment full of friends, and a little scary movie marathon never hurt anybody either.

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5. Gauchos Get Wild at Delirium

Kick off the madness this Hallo-weekend at UCSB’s very own in-house concert, Delirium! It’s a safe space to go a little crazy with your fellow Gauchos, with spook-tacular mystery artists and a whole lot of controlled chaos; all for free!

Halloween will be here soon, so plan a few tricks, load up on treats (maybe some Pedialyte for the day after; we don’t judge), and stay safe out there, friends!

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