Fun Classes You Didn't Know UCSB Offered

Spring quarter, like all the others, will inevitably have its stressful moments but by adding these classes you never knew existed, you can have some stress-free fun as well! Make sure to try them out next year!

Sailing and Boating (ES 1-7A & 7B)

I recently learned about this course, and I was intrigued. It is taught out of the Santa Barbara Harbor, where UCSB leases a dock. It is offered in both Elementary and Intermediate forms and would be a great class for someone who wants to spend some time out on the ocean while learning a useable skill. Not to mention that you can do so while earning .5 units. Sailing and Boating can be added on GOLD in the Exercise Sports section.


Bowling (ES 1-9A)

I know what you may be thinking and to answer your question: yes, this is real. It is usually offered on Thursday afternoons, and it is hosted at Zodo’s in Goleta. In my second year at UCSB, I had a group of friends who were taking this class. On one particular Thursday, I was invited to join my friends for some bowling, and I was able to experience the class firsthand. I was not very good, but I did notice that students are able to freely play amongst themselves, and as the weeks go on, they seem to gain some technical skills. The class is offered on GOLD and also fulfills .5 units of credit.



Here is a great opportunity to gain a new hobby while getting your hands dirty. The class is offered by UCSB’s Department of Recreation and can be added through their website. There are Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Drop-In levels that are taught at different times by Dane Venaas, who has over 25 years of experience being both a teacher and professional potter. Because this class is not offered for credit and is provided as recreational work, it does include fees. The upside is that you can see yourself getting better with every new piece of pottery you create!


Wine Tasting

You may be thinking, I already know so much about wine. It comes in a bag, right? Wrong. This class will teach you all you need to know to become a wine connoisseur. Okay, maybe not to that extent. But this class offers exposure to a wide range of wines along with the food that they complement. You can also learn about the health benefits of drinking wine and how it is made. Of course, this class has a 21-and-over age requirement, which must be proven by registering in person and showing a valid I.D. This course can be added through the Department of Recreation and has a fee. Don’t wait too long to add it, it’s very popular and fills up fast!