Five Items Every 90's Girl Is Glad to Have Back

We all know that 90's kids did it best. Every trivial decision over picking our favorite NSYNC member to  heated arguments about Britney and Christina made this decade unique and memorable. Reliving the 90's is the best, especially when so many products from the past are coming back! Here are 5 trending 90's items that can be found in stores today.

1. Crispy M&M's 

The crispy rice centered treat is great paired with a glass of cold milk! 

2. Plastic Chokers

These chokers are making a huge fashion comeback. With every store selling chokers, it is inevitable not to get sucked into this inexpensive fashion item. Try personalizing them by hanging a charm of your choice on it.

3. Full(er) House

Full House taught us life lessons and the importance of family. Netflix confirmed they have ordered a 13 episode season of the Full House sequel, Fuller House. Produced by John Stamos, of course. 


4. Scrunchies

These lightweight and comfortable hair accessory is final back in style. The multi pattern accessory is a great way to throw your hair up without putting too much strain in your hair.


5. French Toast Crunch

The unbelievably tasty french toast cereal is back and hopefully here to stay. The creators of Cinnamon Toast Crunch brought back this delicious milk-friendly breakfast and snack, allowing everyone to have a little taste of what it was like to grow up in the 90's.