Everyone's Latest Addiction: True Crime Podcasts

Are you a fan of Criminal Minds? Or Law and Order? Then there might be more than one way for you to get your crime story fix. I am talking about true crime podcasts! Last year my dad called me and told me that he started listening to a podcast called Serial when he went on his runs, and then all of a sudden my roommate is telling me about her new crime podcast addiction, and then a friend from class, so finally a couple months ago I gave it shot as well. I began with Crime Junkie, a podcast I listened to on spotify hosted by two women who were childhood best friends bonded together by their love for true crime. Each episode ranges from 30 to 50 minutes long, as the women describe a crime, usually murder, as the detectives unraveled it. Crime Junkie tells a different story each episode, other than their two part episodes, sometimes ending in a conviction other times ending with an ery cliff hanger. Podcasts like Serial take an entire series to describe a true story and get to the bottom of it, as some listeners prefer multiple episodes dedicated to the subject. Other true crime podcasts that have crossed my path are Casefile True Crime, which is similar to Crime Junkie in the way every episode is different except this narrator has an Australian accent and there is creepy background music. As well as Wine and Crime, where a group of three women introduce a type of wine and topic in the beginning of the episode, such as “Crimes of Passion” then each go around and explain the research they did on the subject. The catch is the wine, as the show goes on the women get slightly drunk leading to comedic rants and jokes to lighten the dark tone of murder and mystery.

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I prefer listening to my podcasts on Spotify because that is where I listen to my music as well but apple music is a reliable source for these stories too. As a student I do not have much time to sit on my couch and listen to podcasts so I find the time. I listen in my car with my phone connected to the aux, or as I am cleaning my house or riding my bike. That is the best part about being able to put in your headphones and fall into the thrills of a mystery, the mundane going ons of life are exciting and even anticipated. Try out one of these podcasts and try not to get addicted as well, or you’ll soon find yourself waiting for a new episode each week along with the rest of us!

Image via Giphy