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Escaping Your Inner Demons

A change in scenery can be like a breath of fresh air. Sometimes the right environment with the right people is enough to lift a heavy heart or dissipate the reminders of an unhappy past; other times, however, problems often hop onto the plane or car with you. A change in scenery alone may not be enough to permanently heal unhappiness or prevent old habits from eventually popping back up.

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I always believed that when I would leave home to live somewhere completely new, I would finally be free to be the person I always wanted to be. It was easy to think that everything dark, terrible, and imperfect would be left behind; it was not easy to accept that those dark, unhappy things were not a product of the environment, but a product of myself. Sometimes a fresh start can do wonders; yet the dark clouds may eventually return because leaving the place where you were unhappy does not necessarily mean you have left what had made you unhappy in the first place. Facing those demons head-on is a process that may be difficult, uncomfortable, and terrifying, but it is a process that is often necessary to feel at peace with yourself and realize that you are strong, in control, and truly happy – regardless of where you may end up. 


Dede Ahn

UCSB '20

Dede is a first year English major at UCSB. 
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