Ease Some of Your Finals Stress!

Hopefully you all had a great thanksgiving break! With the short break coming to an end, that means finals are just around the corner. We know finals can be extremely stressful and thinking about it can be a lot to think about all at once, so here are some tips that can help you prepare for finals! 

Download all the lecture slides that you can access.

In my experience, if you are a procrastinator, for some reason Gauchospace crashes or the slides are just not accessible sometimes when you need them the most so download them early so it won’t matter if your internet dies or if Gauchospace is down! 


Try to combine all your notes together. 

If you are somewhat like me- I have some notes here and there- you may consider combining the important parts of them to create one set of notes that highlights the most important information. This way, studying could be more efficient! 


Create study groups with your classmates. 

It’s always super helpful to me when I have a study group with some of the classmates. It’s extremely helpful especially when everyone works together to figure out an answer to something or discuss something. It’s also helpful because your classmates usually explain concepts and ideas in ways that you can easily understand so you can learn more in less time! This can also help you pinpoint areas that you don’t understand so you can go to office hours to ask your professor or TAs. 

Check out the Her Campus UCSB Instagram page.

It’s always nice to look at some aesthetically pleasing pictures so why not check out the Her Campus UCSB Instagram? Other than aesthetically pleasing pictures we also have some sweet study spots if the library gets too crowded!

Make a study schedule now. 

Something I learned from my classmates is that creating a study schedule ahead of time is extremely helpful so you don’t have to cram all of your studying in at the last minute. If you do a little bit a day and review at the end, it’s a lot more effective! 


Handwriting your notes. 

Something that I have learned in my detective fiction class is that handwriting notes helps you better remember the material that you are writing about. If you feel like handwriting helps you remember better, you might consider rewriting the notes that you have typed up over the quarter. One of the downsides to this is that it is time consuming so if you want to try this, please start early! 

Eat and get plenty of sleep.

Eating and sleeping are all things that are important because if you want to do well, you want to be healthy so your brain can function better! Make sure to get your sleep so your brain has had enough time to rest to get back on that stressful study grind the next day! 

Hopefully these tips can help you all out a little with the stress! Good luck!