The Conflicting Priorities Of College Students

Even with UCSB’s notorious party school reputation, most students' main priority is–first and foremost–learning (pr at least it should be). Throughout my first year here at UCSB I have come across many conflicting priorities of college students, and they aren’t all between school or partying.

Personally, my struggle lies in deciding between taking care of myself and working hard academically, while still maintaining a social life. In a perfect world all three could intermingle evenly and smoothly, but as we all know, the world is not perfect. I find that when I have even a second of free time I am deciding between taking a nap to catch up for my lack of sleep, contemplating working out to keep my body happy, or deciding if I should go to mingle with friends. All three of these things are essential to having a happy and successful college career, hence what makes the decision so hard. College is all about learning how to balance your priorities.

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While most everyone is here to study, learn,and get their degree, there are a select few with other things in mind. There is certainly a heavy party culture at UCSB and some student’s priorities lie too heavily in that category. These students are far and few between although, as everyone here worked hard to get in and works hard to stay in.


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Managing priorities can be extremely difficult in college. Many tell you the only point of college is to obtain a degree, while others will tell you its all about the relationships you form. It is hard to manage these two separate things and find a comfortable balance. Putting in adequate time studying often time conflicts with maintaining social relationships. Sure, you can "study" with your friends, but that always turns into social hour. Everybody encourages the success of their peers, but it is inevitable that socially studying always turns more social than study. This can make it extremely difficult when deciding how to spend your time. Studying alone in the library can get lonely and it is important to put yourself out there and have adaquate time getting to know your peers. 


To the students who have figured out how to do it all, kudos!