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Comfort Foods to Get You Through Dead Week

As we all know, finals are fast approaching. Unfortunately this means it’s almost time to go into full on study mode yet again #NoLife #CollegeLife. 

Here’s a list of some comfort foods you can eat while studying that will hopefully help you put a positive spin on dreaded dead week!

1. Cookies 

I don’t know about you, but I’m always craving cookies….always. (I should probably see a doctor about this)

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2. Ice cream

There’s nothing like consuming an unhealthy amount of ice cream while reading 100+ PowerPoint slides.

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3. Sour punch straws

I could munch on these forever…literally.


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4. Popcorn

Always a good go-to snack. You can pretend you’re watching your favorite movie even though you’re really trying not to read the same sentence over and over again in your textbook.

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5. Pizza 

After studying for about 10 minutes, take an hour break to enjoy a slice of pizza!

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6. Fruits

Gotta find a balance somewhere. Plus, they’re sweet and give you longer lasting energy.

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