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Bullet Journal: Final’s Study Guide

Winter quarter is wrapping up and that means it’s time for finals! This is a period of stress and anxiety for most college students. Bullet journaling can be a great solution to help students plan their studying and ace their finals! These bullet journals entries will help you all maximize your time and stay focused by creating a study schedule!

1. Monthly Log

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Create a calendar and write your test dates and assignment deadlines under each month! This will help you keep a track of all your due dates and plan your studying accordingly. Use this monthly log to study one to two weeks before the exam and allow sufficient time for review. You can also add in important social events to plan your studying around it. Personalize your bullet journal with your goals whether it be social or academic!

2. Weekly Log

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Weekly logs are helpful when creating study plans. These add a more in-depth study schedule in order to prepare for exams and assignments approaching in the coming week. Write due dates underneath the day the exam or assignment is due. Split your studying, by chapters, over a course of a few days to a week in order to maximize study time and efficiency.

3. Daily Log

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Create daily logs to allot specific times in the day to accomplish your goals. Set small and precise goals throughout the day, such as reading a chapter or outlining a paper. Make sure to give yourself a few minutes to relax by implementing a healthy study break such as yoga, exercise, meditation, or eating a healthy snack. This can help increase creativity and lower anxiety and stress levels during finals!

4. Individual Subjects

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Prepare for exams by using your bullet journal to maximize efficiency with individual subjects. Are you a STEM major? Organize your formulas or any useful information in your bullet journal! This will enable you to have an easy place to locate important information without scanning through messy lecture notes! Are you writing an essay? Use your bullet journal to create an essay outline in order to create a cohesive, organized paper! Outline the structure, include a thesis, and create a concrete argument in the paper outline which will help you ace finals! 

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