Bryson Tiller: R&B Soul for a New Generation

Legend has it that Bryson Tiller was working at a Papa John's when he borrowed $600 from friends to record his breakout single, Don’t, in the latter half of 2014. While there’s no proof to that rumor (except a few text-based images circling the internet), Tiller’s quick rise to fame is well worth listening to.

Today, in the early days of 2016, Bryson Tiller is more than well-known amongst adults and adolescents alike. At 23 years old, Tiller has become a part of a neo-R&B and soul movement, featuring a revival of the sound that carried us through the 90s (and may have resulted in a few of you that are reading this now).

Don’t is a slow, bass-heavy track, all about one man’s yearning for his love interest to be treated better – hopefully by him. Although released in 2014, the song didn’t truly gain traction until Bryson’s debut LP, T R A P S O U L, was released in 2015. As the months rolled on, songs from Tiller’s project made their way to radio airwaves and car stereos. Tiller’s extremely popular follow-up to Don’t – a track called Exchange – samples the popular 90s song, Swing My Way (performed by K.P. & Envyi) which retains a high level of popularity almost two decades after its release.

As far as Tiller goes, the Kentucky-born singer was born in 1993, making him both young and old enough to recreate a soul sound from the 90s for today’s millennial generation, with novel themes that strike a chord with those not entirely interested in casual hook-ups. Tiller is father to two-year old Harley, and is open and frank about his artistry and work ethic being all in the name of his daughter. Tiller is active on Instagram and Twitter, and information pages have started to pop up on Google searches as his popularity increases.

Tiller is also good friends with fellow up-and-coming R&B singer Kehlani, and recently performed as a surprise guest at one of her concerts in Oakland, California in December, to rave reception. Many are looking forward to future projects from Tiller in 2016 as the “feels” from T R A P S O U L wear on.

You can download or buy T R A P S O U L on Apple Music and Spotify. You can follow him on Instagram at @brysontiller, and on Twitter at the same handle. Happy listening!