Best Sunset Viewing Spots in I.V or On Campus

Finals are around the corner which means stress levels are going to go from 0-100. What's a better way to de-stress than a sunset watching session with some good friends on our beautiful beaches? Everyone knows I.V. sunsets never cease to amaze by turning the sky into cotton candy clouds with bubblegum shades. So grab a picnic blanket, some good friends, and some snacks next time the clock hits 5 pm as here are some unique sunset-watching spots on campus or around I.V. Use this list next time you watch the sun fade away for a guaranteed Instagrammable moment. 

1. Abandoned graffiti structure

You've definitely seen this structure covered in graffiti if you've taken the bike ride or walk down to Sands Beach. Every time you come here, there will be new colorful tags and artwork sprawled all over so each visit will be unique and different. Sit on top of the structure with your friends and portable speaker and jam out to the fading sun. 

2. Window to the Sea

If you're lucky enough to see the swing empty at sunset, you better go save that seat! What is better to end a stressful day at school then swinging your worries away and staring at the technicolor sky? This is bliss. Just head down 66 block of DP to find the Window to the Sea!

3. 65 block DP stairs by 7/11

The stairs down the street from 7/11 near 65 block of DP is definitely one of IV's most famous sunset spots. With Pardall Road just down the street, you can head to Blenders and grab an acai bowl before walking over to watch the sunset. 

4. The Labyrinth

This tranquil location is one of UCSB's most zen spots. Head over here with a book and journal your thoughts as you watch the sky change colors. Make this a weekly self-care routine and you will feel 100% relaxed and ready for whatever challenges life brings you.

5. Campus Point

Our beautiful campus beach is just steps away from the Library and UCen. You can go through your school days knowing the beach is just minutes away from your class and why not head over to the beach for a library break or after your 5pm class to catch the sunset?

All images via @onlyinislavista Instagram