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Balancing School and Social Life

As college students, our greatest struggles include finding balances between our school and social lives. So how do we avoid living in the library and make time for our friends? This article will offer you tips to help find that balance!

1. Plan your Fun!

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Time management is key to finding balance in our lives. Mark off important deadlines in your planner and plan specific times in your schedule to see your friends! By planning your fun, you are more likely to enjoy the time you have set aside as well as feel less stressed!

2. Leave Room for Spontaneity

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It’s important to leave room for spontaneity in our busy lives! Spontaneity is the key to adventure. Turn your downtime into free time by spontaneously meeting up with friends. Some of our best memories are created through spontaneous plans and adventures. 

3. Coffee Dates

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Plan a study date with your friend at the coffee shop! They probably have just as many things to do as you. This way you can enjoy each other’s company as well as get work done. It’s like killing two birds with one stone! If they don’t have things to do, meet up with them at the coffee shop and work after they leave.

4. Don’t Sacrifice your Health!

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Studying takes a lot out of us and we often feel lethargic both during and after many of our study sessions. Use your free time to work out and get your heart rate up! Ask a friend to go on a hike, to the gym, or on a run with you! Exercise provides us with the endorphins we need to feel focused and happy. Only have a few minutes in your day? Try a quick HIIT workout or just sit and meditate. Meditation will provide you with the clarity and focus you need to finish your study session!

Shannie Kuo is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and has a degree in English. Her passions include health, fitness, photography, and food and she always strives to look for balance within her life. She enjoys going to the farmers market, discovering new coffee shops, and meeting new people. She hopes to find a career that will reflect her passions and allow her to connect with people nationwide.
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