Authors for the Hopeless Romantic

It is often hard to settle for your everyday frat bro in college when the books we have read throughout our lives have taught us to expect nothing less than someone who shows you their endless devotion. Whether it's boomboxes outside of your bedroom window or love letters in your locker, we have all, at one point in our lives, had the slightest bit of hope that our class crushes would unveil these grand gestures for us. Not to mention we have all, at one point in our lives been disappointed by the made-up scenarios that conjure up within our minds. However, let’s not blame us hopeless romantics for wanting and expecting more because we deserve it. In the meantime, we can settle for reading about the love lives of authors that pierce our hearts through their fervent words and depictions of lust. Here are some authors to try out:

1. Michael Faudet

If you are a lover of poetry then I highly suggest you pick up any of Michael Faudet’s collection of books. His erotic and lustful tone keeps you wanting more. His style of writing is utterly addicting. He will make you swoon and almost begin thinking about a past love that you never even had.

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2. Rainbow Rowell

This adult contemporary writer has one of the most unique voices out there. Her fabrication of relatable and well-rounded characters will make you feel as if you are reading a story about people you have known for years. Her quirky and modern takes on the boy/girl love story convention are a breath of fresh air. Pick up any of her books for a light, but heartfelt read.

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3. Orion Carloto

I am often weary about picking up books written by YouTube celebrities. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Carloto’s novel. Her debut novel Flux is a collection of poetry and prose that will sway you into daydreams about that lost love you met at summer camp that one year. Whether you are mourning over a lack of love or swooning over the overwhelming feeling of it all over again, this novel will leave you wanting more.

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