5 Ways to Save Time and Boost Productivity

Make your time-saving moves work for you by trying out some of these productivity tips!

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1. Limit your social media use

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You don’t have to go deleting your favorite social media apps, just try making a point to check Facebook/Instagram once a day (or less!). In a college community where there are a lot of public events and group participation, apps like Facebook become more of a chore than a fun feed binge. Once you break scrolling-syndrome, you likely won’t miss it. Do check your group/event pages when needed, but leaving your phone tucked away while you are working prevents distraction when your mobile device sounds the horn that an enticing snapchat has arrived.


2. Set aside time for fun and relaxation

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Consolidating your time saves time. After a long day of classes or studying, give yourself an hour to relax or do something fun to refresh yourself. This is more rewarding (and rejuvenating) than spending ten minutes having fun every 20 minutes while you are trying to complete tasks efficiently. You’d be surprised how much more productive you’ll be after taking a substantial break, particularly after exercise.


3. Add a calendar or planner to your routine

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Ten minutes a day spent on making the rest more efficient is a golden strategy. And for those of you who like the aesthetic, finding your perfect planner or Google Calendar color scheme is surprisingly satisfying.


4. Don’t let your inbox be your enemy

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A former boss of mine told me to set aside a half hour to check and send emails. To make your study sessions more productive, avoid checking your email and losing concentration. Instead of checking your emails constantly all day, set aside time to prevent your constantly growing inbox from breaking your stride.


5. Proper sleep does wonders

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It never hurts to remind gauchos that consistent rest matters, as we are all too familiar with the demoralizing pace of the quarter system. Your circadian rhythm (inner clock) ticks happily when you are in the habit of going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day. You’ll find you can focus more easily and feel well rested throughout the day. Being alert in class will save you time studying later!