5 Ways to De-Stress After Midterms

Midterms are over and you may think your brain is burnt beyond repair. However, there is still time to repair it. It is so important to de-stress after midterms. Powering through without self-care will only cause more stress that you do not need. Look no further, here are some ways to feel rejuvenated after a stressful first half of the quarter. You still have time to finish the quarter strong. There is still hope! Now is the time to love yourself and recharge. 

1. Transform Your Room

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After you studied for your midterms, your room probably resembled your brain— a mess. Now that midterms are out of the way, you now have time to transform your room. First, recycle those useless pieces of paper and empty Yerba Mate bottles. Second, organize your desk like you’ve been wanting to since the first week of the quarter. Lastly, give your room the transformation its been craving by moving your desk and bed around. It is the second half of the quarter and change will allow you to recharge. 

2. Pamper Yourself 

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Stress acne is the worst. We’ve all been there. It is time to give our skin some time to breathe. This can be done with some relaxing face masks that could repair the damage that stress has caused you. Get some of your friends together and swap face masks. You can use more than one mask for different parts of your face because those parts demand different things. Don’t forget about your hair! Use a deep conditioning mask to repair any existing damage. Soft and manageable hair will definitely put you into a good mood. You don’t have to splurge! CVS has some affordable masks that you can test out during this time of relaxation. 

3. Binge a Show or Have a Movie Marathon 

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You now have time to dedicate to something that you won’t be tested on. Netflix is the headquarters of chillin’. There are many shows that are binge-worthy such as: Queer Eye, Atypical, How to Get Away With Murder, 90210, Portlandia, and so many more! The movie selection has stepped their game up with the Netflix original Gerald’s Game. I only listed one because that is a movie you NEED to watch! They also have many of the Marvel Universe movies so you can catch up before you see Infinity War. This is the time to explore Netflix’s selection because there are some hidden gems that are waiting to be found. 

4. Facetime Friends Back Home— Catch Up 

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Maintaining friendships is important! As you studied for midterms you may have not been attentive to the texts your best friend has been sending. Life does get crazy, but do not lose your friends because you don’t find the time to talk with them. Call your best friend and ask how they are doing. These calls are always fun because there is always tea that needs to be split. Though your best friend may go to another school, that is not an excuse to be lazy and let your friendship fall through the cracks. You have the time now, so use it wisely! It is something you will not regret. Also, call your mom or grandma and tell them you love them— it’ll make their day. Celebrate the people who make up your support system because you would not be who you are today without them. 

5. Plan the Remainder of Your Quarter  

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The first half of the quarter may have ended sooner than you would have liked, but now you can use this time of relaxation to plan out the remainder of your quarter. You do not have to cram 5 chapters of your reading right before the final. Though you accomplished this before your midterm, please do not let yourself suffer the same fate before the final. This is the time to plan ahead and make life easier for you as you enter summer. If you plan all your readings and essays with an ample amount of time— you will relieve yourself of a lot of unneeded stress. We both know you do not need any more stress in your life. This isn’t a chore, it is a blessing.