5 Reasons Why You Should Read Michelle Obama's Book "Becoming"

We know Michelle Obama as the former first lady of the United States, a lawyer, mother to Malia and Sasha Obama, an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and higher education, and a down-to-earth Beyoncé fan. But before all that, she was the daughter of a working-class family who lived on the south side of Chicago.

In her new memoir Becoming, Michelle unfolds the story of her life, her roots, and the experiences that shaped her into the woman she is today. To be completely honest, I am not the biggest fan of autobiographies. But, I would go out of my way and say this book is unquestionably a must-read. It is full of emotion, humor, and honesty. I might have even cried on more than one occasion. With that said, and without spoiling the book too much, here are 5 reasons why Becoming should be on the top of your to-read list.

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1. It’s inspirational. Period.

The memoir begins with a story of how a woman of color raised in a working-class family went on to thrive and succeed at an Ivy League school that was predominantly people who were neither her gender nor her skin color. It is through Michelle's experiences as a teenager where we could sense the forceful desire to succeed igniting insider of her, which is incredibly motivating to read. To me, the most inspirational part would be her recounting the experiences of suppressing the true meaning of her skin color, and what that would mean for her future. This book illustrated Michelle not only as a model of beauty and grace but also as an embodiment of power and strength. Overall, it gives us even more reasons to perceive Michelle Obama as an inspiration and a role model.

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2. It feels like you’re talking to a close friend about her life story over tea.

Reading Michelle’s autobiography doesn’t feel like reading an account of her life, fact after fact. Instead, it feels like you’re actually talking to a close friend about her life over tea on a Sunday afternoon. Despite her status as former FLOTUS, her writing is relatable to everyone. Plus, the memoir is never boring; she keeps us engaged with advice as she narrates the most significant events in her life.

3. It gives an insight into today’s political atmosphere.

Even though she did not dedicate too many pages to the president, she made every word count when she did. She asserts that Trump is “a bully, a man who among other things demeaned minorities and expressed contempt for prisoners of war, challenging the dignity of our country with practically his every utterance.” Michelle gave her own candid opinion on President Trump and the controversy surrounding him since the beginning of his administration. Her status as the former first lady gives us another lens to look at today's politics. 

4. It reveals Barack and Michelle’s love story.

It was fun to get to know the details about the development of their love story. I don’t want to spoil anything here, but their first date was my favorite part. Michelle, apparently, was not interested at first, but things took a turn on their first date, and here we are, looking at one of the most adorable First Family of the United States in history. Most importantly, Michelle also provides a realistic outlook on what it’s like managing a relationship between two very ambitious people. Just like any marriage, there were ups and downs. But, Michelle gives advice on how to conquer these obstacles while being the First Family. 

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5. Lastly, it’s unique.

After reading this book, I would say Michelle Obama’s focus for her memoir is to tell people, especially young women, to tell their own unique narrative. That is also why it set her memoir apart from any other: she owned her story. Michelle narrates her life vividly and candidly, revealing the earliest recollections of her childhood living in a “cramped apartment on the South Side of Chicago" to her last days in the White House. Becoming is unique because it celebrates and appreciates her historic status as the first Black woman to serve as the first lady. In the end, we could all use a unique story to help us appreciate our own!

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