3 Fitness YouTubers to Help You Start Your Fitness Journey

Chances are, you’ve probably told yourself: “I need to get fit”, “I need to go to the gym”, or “I should really start being more active.”

It’s hard to start something new, especially when it’s a huge lifestyle change. Sometimes we just need a little motivational push to get us started in the right direction. There’s a YouTube tutorial for practically anything you can think of, and there are YouTubers whose channels are dedicated to specific things. So here are 3 fitness YouTubers to help you get started on your fitness journey.

1. Blogilates

Cassie Ho, or better known by her internet name Blogilates, is a popular fitness instructor, Pilates guru, author, and entrepreneur. She’s been inspiring people to work out since 2009 when she posted her very first YouTube video. She keeps exercise fun with her unique workouts, all while still pushing you to your limits at the same time. She takes the dread out of working out by combining her workouts with popular pop music, even calling it “POP Pilates.” On top of all that, she’s an inspirational Asian-American woman who’s not afraid to talk about her struggles and share the life lessons she’s learned along the way.

Image via WeWork 

2. Whitney Simmons

“It’s a beautiful day to be alive!” With over 1.6 million subscribers, Whitney Simmons motivates her audience to get active with her, with her motto being “Get Fit with Whit”. Her videos, both on her YouTube channel and on her Instagram account, show exercises for a wide range of people all the way from beginner to advanced. She also promotes healthy eating and shares her current exercise favorites with the viewers.

Image via Gymshark

3. MissRemiAshten

Although she doesn’t post workout videos, Remi Cruz started her own fitness journey right before our very eyes and is sharing the entire process with us, including tips she’s learned along the way. She’s lost almost 70 pounds, but the numbers aren’t what matter! She’s living such a healthy lifestyle, and her positive attitude is great motivation for viewers to get off the couch and to start moving.

Image via MissRemiAshten