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17 Things That Happen When You Go Home for the Summer


Finally summer’s here, it’s good to be chillin’ out…at home with family and friends. Finals are over and we can go home, but not without both good and bad consequences. On one hand, we get to see our families every day. On the other hand, we don’t get to see our friends every day. With regular school stress on pause, what else is there to worry about?


1. Curfew returns.


What do you mean I have to be home by 10 PM???


2. Permission is usually required.

Most of us can’t leave the house without an entire list of questions from one of our family members. Where are you going? Who are you going with? What time will you be back? Is that what you’re going to wear?


3. You don’t need to use a caddy or flip flops to shower.

Sweet freedom! Those of us living in the dorms breathe a sigh of relief when we get a whole three months of not having to wear shower shoes or carry a heavy shower caddy every time we have to get clean.


4. There’s unlimited food!


NO MORE RAMEN, NO MORE MAC N CHEESE! Just home cooked meals with heaps of love from mom and dad.


5. You see people from high school.



Of course, it will most likely be on a messy-bun-and-sweats day.


6. You can hog the bathroom again.

Unless you have brothers and sisters that also like to hog the bathroom, but even that’s way better than sharing 6 showers between 50 people.


7. Boxes of stuff lie around your room for a ridiculous amount of time.

I mean, it’s not like you’re moving back into your parents’ house just yet, right? You figure, you’ll only be there a couple months, so what’s the point in unpacking everything? Until your parents tell you there’s a huge family party and your room looks like an entire storage warehouse tried and failed to downsize on space.


8. You get lazy.

Expectation: you’ll get tons of things done and see all of your friends and get super fit.

Reality: you watch TV for 20 straight hours, sleep for 20 straight hours after that, and repeat.


9. You question how you lived there for so long without going crazy.


It’s like you’re back in high school again, living under your parents’ roof and your parents’ rules, and having to share everything with siblings that can constantly get on your nerves. How did I live like this for 18 whole years???


10. The entire family interrogates you.


Like the holidays, but with more days that you’re home comes more times your family members are likely to see you. What are you going to do with your major? When are you going to graduate? Do you have a job lined up? How are your grades? Do you have a boyfriend yet? No, no, no, no, and no.


11. You have a lot of time on your hands.

Most of the friends that live back home are working or in summer school, your parents work, and your siblings have their own friends. Another netflix and sleep day, I guess.


12. Everyone wants to hang out.

But when all your friends have their days off, all of a sudden EVERYONE hits you up asking to hang out. And of course it’s only on the days you wake up and feel like doing absolutely nothing, or on the days when you actually already have plans for once.


13. You catch up A LOT on sleep.



You can’t exactly get away with sleeping for 14 hours a night every night at school.


14. Grades from Spring Quarter low key haunt the back of your mind.

How can we enjoy summer if grades come out any minute now? What if I failed something? What if I need to waitlist something?


15. You miss your friends.


The thing about going away to college is that almost everyone you meet at college probably went away to college too. So unless you meet someone that coincidentally is from the same city as you, you probably won’t be spending as much time with them in the summer as you do when you’re at school. And after a couple weeks, you’ll probably be either sending or receiving texts saying “I miss you!” from your roommates.


16. You don’t NEED caffeine anymore.

What a weird world to live in where you don’t necessarily need to stay awake every night to study. After ten months of late night studying, transitioning into the absolute opposite might take a little while to get used to.


17. You ponder the inevitability of having to go back to school.



Pros: getting to see your friends again after months.

Cons: having to do work again.


Happy Summer!

Kristine is a 3rd year Chemistry major at UC Santa Barbara. She was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. When she's not writing, she works with her sister to create adorable baked delicacies for The Royal Icing, their at-home bakery. She's also a ballerina, lipstick enthusiast, and bunny lover. Post-graduation, she plans on going to graduate school while continuing her writing career. Catch her on instagram @CookiesForKay  
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