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10 Thoughts During Election Season

So, it’s election season. Your mind is going in a million directions because you have no idea what’s going to happen. But most importantly, who are you going to vote for? Here are the top 10 thoughts we all have during election season.


1. How do I register to vote?

Voting has already stared for the primary, so you better get on it!



2. Is this Bernie Sanders dude legit?

Yeah, yeah he is!



3. We might have a first female president?!

Cool, right?



4. So, is Ted Cruz allowed to run for President? Or nah?

Isn’t he from Canada?



5. When is Trump going to come out & say this has all been a joke?

Soon…very soon, we hope!


6. I wonder who else has felt personally victimized by Donald Trump?

Not surprised!


7. Bernie Sanders’ facial expressions give me life!

I mean, how can they not?


8. Wait, celebrities actually vote?!

Yes, so you should too!



9. Some New Yorkers couldn’t vote? Voting fraud is an actual thing?

Sadly, it is.


10. Can we just find out who the next President will be already?

YES! We are all dying to know! But, there are still a few months to go.



But until then, let’s enjoy the high college tuition rates and espensive living costs! Cheers, America!

Elizabeth Vasquez graduated from UC Santa Barbara back in 2016 with a BA in English. Elizabeth currently resides in the Silicon Valley area and works for Modern Luxury Silicon Valley magazine as a marketing & events coordinator. When she isn't working, Elizabeth enjoys dining out with friends, reading a book and spending time with her two dogs. See what she is up to on Instagram: @iamelizabethvasquez and on Twitter: @MissElizabethLV
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