10 Self-Care Ideas for the Busy College Student

Sometimes life is way too hectic…especially when you’re a busy college student trying to juggle school, extracurriculars, your social life, all the while trying to take care of yourself. We get it, it’s tough!  Even though it might be a struggle to schedule a full-on spa day, it’s always nice to have little breaks in between your busy schedule to just…unwind and focus on yourself. And sometimes, a little goes a long way.

Here are some little self-care ideas that you can incorporate throughout your day:

1. Start your day using a DIY aromatherapy diffuser.

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We really like this one by Popsugar.  

2. Do some meditation.

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Here’s a quick 5-minute meditation you can do in the morning!  

3. Start your day off right with a playlist of all your favorite chill or mood-boosting music while you get ready for the rest of your day.

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Here’s one by Spotify you might like.  

4. Make your own matcha latte (for your mid-morning, or mid-day boost).

Image via Unsplash

Fitness blogger Remi Ishizuka (@rrayyme) has a few delicious recipes!  

5. Take a break from whatever you’re doing and read for an hour.

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Or, catch up on your favorite blog.  

6. Go outside and take a leisurely walk, or go for a jog.

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Enjoy the weather!  

7. When you’re done with your day and you’re winding down, use a DIY body scrub to give your skin some gentle exfoliation.

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Here are some ideas from Buzzfeed.  

8. Use some body oil or a lotion with essential oils to give your skin some lovin’.

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9. Make a DIY lip scrub and do some exfoliating.

Image via Unsplash

We really like these by Tastemade!  

10. Put on a homemade face mask and enjoy your favorite show.

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You might find a recipe (or two) from HelloGlow’s ultimate DIY face mask guide!  

Sometimes it’s hard trying to find time between your busy schedule for yourself, so making the most out of the little moments is so important. We hope that you give these a try!