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Your Guide To Summer Storage Space At UCLA

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Like it or not, we’re already almost halfway through spring quarter, which means move-out is right around the corner! As an international student with no relatives living in the US, I know (more than anyone) the struggles of finding cheap and reliable summer storage space. But don’t worry! I compiled a list of storage options for you:

Friend’s apartment

This is among the most common ways for UCLA students to store their belongings! I used my friend’s apartment during my first year as well. This option is my number one recommendation since it is free and safe!

I know that it could be difficult to ask your friend for this big favor; but remember, there’s no harm in just asking! It’s unlikely that your friendship will end from just one request. If they say “yes,” that’s great! But if they say “no” or if you are still unsure about this option, there are plenty more options available.


This UCLA-specific company provides pick-ups on both the apartments and the Hill, near Sproul and Rieber Hall. It is very safe, being the only approved storage vendor to help UCLA students. They also provide free boxes to put your belongings in!

The starter package allows for 2 boxes at a flat rate of $60/month, while the preferred package allows for 3 boxes at a flat rate of $90/month. The premier package allows for 4 boxes at a flat rate of $120/month. All packages last for 3 months. They can also store items that don’t fit in their boxes, such as mini-fridges, microwaves and monitors!

Their service is on the pricier side, but considering that they provide free boxes, convenient pick up and reliable service, they might be worth trying!

Socal Self Storage

This is one of the most affordable public storage options near UCLA! Although it doesn’t provide a pickup option (you need to figure out transportation on your own), it has some locations in close proximity. The closest one is located on Sawtelle Blvd (less than a 15 min drive from UCLA).

They also provide a great guide for figuring out what kind of box you need to store your items (here)!


Clutter is a moving/storage company offering pick up and delivery options. They boast a 92% customer satisfaction rate and flexible pricing. They have a lot of storage units in LA—all secure and climate-controlled! If you want to store something important/expensive, this might be a reliable option!

Public storage

If cost is the biggest concern for you, try using Public Storage! You only have to pay $1 for your first-month rent. The registration is quick and easily accessible online. Here are their storage units in LA. Make sure to consider hidden costs such as transportation (no pick-up service provided)!

These were the storage options near UCLA. The different options each provide unique services, so it’s important that you find one that meets your needs! Everything may seem harder if you are an out-of-state/international student, but remember that there are always friends and resources that can help you on the journey.

Rio is a third-year UCLA business economics student from Japan. In her free time, you can find her hiking, dancing away at concerts, or cafe-hopping!