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Witness Death Valley Come to Life

As if California’s drought was not enough reason to keep life from blooming, Death Valley, North America’s driest region, is experiencing a bountiful amount of life this month during its ‘super bloom’ of wildflowers. Triggered by the El Niño rains, the extreme environment is expected to receive 12 species of wildflowers including white Gravel Ghost, pink and purple Desert Five-Spot, and yellow Desert Gold, just to name a few.

Being that Death Valley is the birthplace of this ‘super bloom,’ the blankets of flowers are short-lived and are likely to wilt away in a matter of weeks. If you missed the beginning of this picturesque event that happened on March 4 to 6, visit the National Park and appreciate nature’s rare occurrence while it lasts. 

Our national parks would not be possible without the respect of visitors so remember not to pick or step on the flowers and leave them for others to enjoy!  

Images courtesy of National Geographic. 


Janina is a junior majoring in Linguistics and Psychology at UCLA. When she's not writing for Her Campus, you may find her doing outdoor yoga, laughing at "I Love Lucy" reruns, cooking vegan food, or face timing with her puppy back home.
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