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What’s In My Bag: UCLA Bus-Econ Major Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

In February, we took a look into UCLA Psych major Hannah’s bag. This week, I want to give you a look inside the bag of a UCLA Bus-Econ major! Although I don’t carry around resumes and business suits (sorry to disappoint you), I have interesting beauty products and beverages that many bus-econ majors might be able to relate to:

The Bag Of Choice: UCLA Tote bag
UCLA Tote Bag
Original photo by Rio Wakura

Like a typical North Campus major, I can fit all my things in a cute tote bag. I like how basic this bag is because I can also bring it to professional business events while showing off campus spirit! It’s also easy to sometimes feel out of place when sitting with fashionable North Campus majors in YRL, so the tote bag definitely helps boost my confidence.

The Beauty Products
Beauty products in my bag
Original photo by Rio Wakura

Glossier Gold Lip Gloss + Kate Tokyo Color Enamel Gloss: There’s something about business women in Anderson (the business school building) that radiate shiny, girl boss energy. So, I try to wear lip gloss to match their vibe. It’s crazy what lip gloss can do for your confidence.

Curél lip balm + Vaseline Lip Cream: A theory that is 100% correct about business majors is that we love to network. But networking involves a lot of talking, which leads to chapped lips. That’s where lip balms come in handy! I keep a stick-based lip balm for when I’m not wearing any lipstick and a cream-based lip balm for when I want to moisturize my already lipstick-applied lips.

Maybelline Red Lipstick + Rom&nd Pink Pumpkin Lip Tint: In more professional settings like interviews, I usually try to go for the “mature, put-together bus-econ major” look with the Maybelline red lipstick. But when I need to present myself as the “bright, extroverted bus-econ major,” I put on my best smile with the Rom&nd pink lip tint. And sometimes, I like to mix both to confuse people!

YSL Black Opium (sample) + Vasilisa bosy mist: I now carry around a sample of the YSL Black Opium perfume from a recent Her Campus at UCLA brand collab! It works perfectly because its sweet scent helps me counter the “cut-throat bus-econ major” stereotype. I also sometimes carry around the Vasilisa body mist that I bought in Japan because the scent calms me down.

the drinks (aka caffeine)
Matcha drinks on table
Original photo by Rio Wakura

Matcha Soy Latte + Matcha Double Shot from YRL Cafe: You already know from the photo—I’m a caffeine addict trying to get over her coffee addiction by switching to matcha. Although these aren’t technically “in my bag,” I always have coffee or matcha in my hand, so I decided to include them here. I recommend YRL Cafe if you want to get the best matcha on campus!

UCLA Water Bottle: I also keep a UCLA water bottle that is too dented and scratched and overall too ugly to be featured. This water bottle is special though; in it, I only keep water from the Olympic dorms or Anderson building. Like every other bus-econ major, I’ve become spoiled with the super-purified, tasty Anderson water that I cannot imagine my water bottle being filled with water from anywhere else.

The tech products
Laptop, airpods, charger, ipad
Original photo by Rio Wakura

iPad: As a bus-econ major, iPads are a must for classes! It’s so much easier to draw graphs and solve math equations on an iPad, and it also contributes to the light, tote bag aesthetic of course!

AirPods Pro (2nd generation): These have become my basic life necessity. With so many business club meetings, I can’t imagine having to untangle earphones every time I pick up a call. It’s also efficient to cancel out background noise in Anderson because it can often get loud with business conferences!

Chargers: I always bring a charger around because it’s a great way to make friends in Anderson! No kidding—just study in Anderson for one hour and at least three people will come up to you and ask you for a spare charger that they can borrow. It’s usually grad students who make a lot of business calls on their low-battery phone, but it’s another great way to support your fellow business students (and network!).

Miscellaneous items in my bag
Original photo by Rio Wakura

Sunglasses: I don’t want to be blinded by the sun on my way to campus, but I also don’t have time to choose a good pair of sunglasses for my fit. So crazy enough, I carry around three different pairs of sunglasses that I can snatch on depending on my outfit. The heart-shaped ones are for… you know, when I was up too late studying on Thursday nights.

I didn’t know how much my personality revolved around Anderson, the business building. From my lip glosses to beverage choices, my daily life decisions has been inspired by the women (and the water) of Anderson. I hope that non-bus-econ majors reading this don’t think I’m crazy and try to reflect on how their department building has influenced their daily life habits too. Maybe math majors have become more adventurous because Boelter Hall is such a maze?

Rio is a third-year UCLA business economics student from Japan. In her free time, you can find her hiking, dancing away at concerts, or cafe-hopping!