The Top 4 Açaí Bowl Shops In LA

Whether you’ve been in LA your whole life or you’re new to California, you’ve probably heard of or had an açaí bowl. An açaí bowl is usually a blend of the purple açaí​ berry and other varieties of fruits – and let me tell you, they are truly a gift sent from heaven. Though these delicious bowls are very common in California, they are actually a Brazilian dish that has made its way across the ocean. If you have not tasted one yet, here are 4 açaí places in Los Angeles that you need to visit immediately!

1. Ubatuba

Ubatuba has a funny name, but they definitely know the açaí game. With five locations throughout Southern California, Ubatuba is a popular hangout for açaí lovers. You can find an Ubatuba in Tarzana, Koreatown, Northridge, Thousand Oaks, Melrose and Rancho Cucamonga.

2. SunLife Organics

If you’re looking to feel super beachy while eating your açaí bowl, head out to your local SunLife. SunLife Organics serves all things healthy and organic, including açaí bowls and smoothies. If you’re into the Kombucha trend, SunLife has that as well! Head to your local SunLife, located in Calabasas, Malibu and Century City.

3. Earthbar

Looking for an açaí bowl or green smoothie after your workout? Earthbar is your place! Most Earthbar’s are found in Equinox gyms, but are always open to the public regardless of whether or not you have a membership. This bowl is definitely one of my favorites – plus, most locations offer a student discount!

4. Amazebowls

Amazebowls live up to their name – amazing bowls! Located in both the Venice Boardwalk and in the LA Art district, Amazebowls serve beautifully crafted açaí bowls, oftentimes decorated and served in a coconut (awesome for Instagram pics)! Also, this place travels! You can find Amazebowls on Sundays at Smorgasburg (a food festival in DTLA) and at the Studio City farmers market!