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TikTok is One of the Best Social Media Platforms to Gain Self-Confidence

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

I am not going to lie – before I downloaded TikTok, I was really skeptical of it. I told myself that I would only download it if I was super bored. Funny enough, as someone who does not have Animal Crossing, I eventually succumbed and downloaded TikTok. But it turns out that it was actually a really great decision, and it did not even cost me a single dollar. Although, I will admit that it may have resulted in poorer eyesight and sleep deprivation.

But seriously, I believe that TikTok is one of the best social platforms for people to find and create confidence within themselves. It is commonly known that a lot of social platforms, especially Instagram, can sometimes cause more harm than good due to constant comparison to other people’s highlight reel.

TikTok is not perfect. There is definitely a lot of good-looking people living luxurious lives and doing great things on there that can definitely lead to comparison problems. But, I believe TikTok trumps Instagram in its ability to produce a wider variety of content that can help people grow confidence within themselves.

What most people tend to see on TikTok is the dancing trends or the insanely weird yet funny videos. However, it turns out that TikTok has tons of other content that is not just for pure entertainment. Through TikTok, you can learn how to draw, how to properly edit photos for Instagram, how to dance, how to cook/bake, how to dress more aesthetically, how to do your makeup and even how to do your finances.

Baking tools
Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

Seeing these videos can give people new ideas for new hobbies, which can in turn grow into passions. And main part of having confidence is all about having passion. There are so many different people on TikTok that are more than willing to share resources on what has helped them improve their lives. I strongly believe that TikTok is one of the best platforms to learn something new and improve your life for the better.

Also, while I feel that Instagram tends to be filled with more negativity sometimes, the comments on TikTok tend to be supportive and encouraging, and they can even make the video seem 10x greater or funnier. For Instagram, there is a tendency to only post major life events happening in your life, but on TikTok, there is literally nothing you cannot find on there. This means you basically have complete creative control over what you want to post and how you want to use TikTok.

A lot of people tend to pride themselves on saying that they would never download TikTok, inferring that it is seen as a last-minute tactic only used by the desperately bored. I was one of those people, but I truly feel now that it is a good way to boost your confidence and even learn a few things along the way. If you are bored at home, try out TikTok and see the interesting, funny and sometimes very weird videos that it offers!

Lauren is a fourth-year Psychology major with a minor in Asian Languages at UCLA from Studio City, California. In addition to writing as a feature writer for Her Campus at UCLA, she loves reading for leisure, playing with her dogs, and watching The Office.
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