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This Is Your Sign To Be Selfish In Your Twenties

Finally, we can say goodbye to the awkward teenage years. While turning 20 may not feel like that big of a difference, it’s the first step into a transformative period of your life, if you let it be. It’s time that you can really focus on working on yourself and your goals, which may mean cutting out distractions that aren’t serving you well. Your time is too precious not to do what you want, so say no to the plans that aren’t exciting, say yes to the ones that are and choose yourself every time. 


While the peak of your financial and career success may not come till later in life, your twenties are the time to lay the foundation. Don’t be afraid to seize opportunities and network with people who have the power to advance your goals to the next step. College is a great way to get to know others and build a community to support you throughout your academic and career journeys. 

Right now, you don’t owe anyone anything. It’s okay to be honed in on your ambition, even if that means taking more time to focus on yourself. We all have obligations to our academics, jobs, families and more, but it’s important to remember that everything you’re doing in your life—all the hard work, the long hours, the busy nights—is for yourself. While you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions, try to stay grounded and see the ways that your experiences enrich your perspectives. When it’s you putting in the effort, it’ll be you who gets the payoff. 


Trust me, I know how hard of a pill this one is to swallow. It’s easy to idealize a relationship and want all the sweet nothings that a partner can provide, but before you jump into anything, take a moment to consider what is actually right for you. Even the best relationships require a lot of work and compromise, which can start to feel like a burden to maintain. If you find someone who meshes well with you and supports you, that’s amazing, but don’t put pressure on yourself to find the perfect partner (or be the perfect partner) because as great as it may be, you are also complete on your own. 


At some point, you’ll reap the benefits of your hard work. Regardless of whether you’re reaching some sort of career goal, academic goal, fitness goal or something entirely different, humility is your best friend. Celebrate proud moments, but also recognize that your accomplishments lay in more than just the end result. Be mindful of the journey, appreciate the people who help you, and stay humble in your wins. When you don’t get caught up in things like titles and materialism, you can actually enjoy the deeper value of your achievements. 

It’s always a good time to focus on yourself, but your twenties present the opportunity to really unapologetically do what’s best for you. When we have countless responsibilities to fulfill, it can seem like we’re living to serve other people; this is your wake-up call to change your routine so you feel that way as little as possible. The power to satisfy your needs and chase your ambition is already within you, so use this time to live for yourself and discover what you can truly do. 

Audrie is a third-year student from Honolulu, Hawaii, majoring in Human Biology Society and minoring in Anthropology. Her key interests include environmental sustainability, reproductive health, and education. She also really loves the beach and anything matcha flavored! In her free time, you can catch her shopping for records, books, and Trader Joe's snacks.
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