Stay Safe In Style: 4 Self-Defense Gadgets I Live By

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Being a woman, it is very important to protect yourself – but nobody said you can't do it in style! You never want to be caught in a sticky situation without some backup, so read on to learn about 4 stylish gadget options to choose from when shopping for self-defense. Remember ladies, better safe than sorry!

1. The Sabre Personal Alarm

This is a small but very loud alarm that fits easily right on your key chain, purse or backpack. The sleek design features a “panic button” which, when pressed, can be heard up to 600 feet away! Better yet, purchase the pink alarm and the proceeds will go to help support the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

2. Pepper Spray

Most, if not all, of the cool (and smart) girls on campus are carrying some form of pepper spray. Pepper spray is a great form of protection if somebody gets a little bit too close. Easily unlock the top and spray it at your enemy, but be careful with the direction you aim it towards. You don't want the wind to blow it back into your face! If you can’t help but think pink, check out Sabre’s pink pepper spray to go with your alarm!

3. Taser

Are you in full self-defense mode? If you want to feel safe and bad-ass, get yourself a stun gun. Since these items can be dangerous, it is important to know how to use these and to make sure you only have it activated when needed. Hopefully you’ll never have to use such a powerful tool, but if you’re ever alone and feeling unsafe, you can simply press the button and the loud spark noises should scare any sane person away.

4. Pocket Knife

More so for your own safety, I highly suggest carrying a pocket knife in your car. Before you purchase one, be sure to check your state's laws to be sure your knife is legal. Many pocket knives come with seat-belt slashers and window breakers, which can save your life if you are ever in an accident, or become stuck in your vehicle.