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Review: Mouthwatering Mexican Cuisine at Cabo Wabo Cantina Las Vegas

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My first trip to Vegas as a 21-year-old was definitely memorable, and it was made even more memorable with my last meal of the weekend. I had the opportunity to eat the Cabo Wabo Cantina located inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Sammy Hagar had the vision to bring the chill and laid-back vibes of Cabo San Lucas all the way to Las Vegas by creating the original Cantina.

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Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted by the colorful patio furniture and festive decorations. The vibrant decorations flowed inside the restaurant as well, even in the restrooms!

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Two servers took care of my party, and they were also able to seat us immediately. Not long after we sat down, a server came by and suggested that we start off our food adventure with their signature margaritas.

I ordered the strawberry margaritas frozen. I also had the option of getting it on the rocks to give it more of an alcoholic kick, but because I’m a big slushie fan, I had to get it frozen. The margarita was both sweet and refreshing. It was definitely the best way to beat the Vegas heat.

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If you are looking to share your food with everyone, the Appetizer Sample is at the top of our recommendation list! The Appetizer Sample comes with 5 different dishes that could be enjoyed between 2-3 people including chimichangas, taquitos, quesadilla, nacho skillet and wings. The chimichangas were soft with a light crunch on the shell. The meat inside is cooked well and had a hint of sweetness to it due to the cheese. The taquitos were very crisp but I’d say that it was the chicken that really stole the show. The subtle sauce in the taquito was subtle enough so you can really focus on the chicken meat and the tortilla.

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Aside from the appetizer platter, their calamari was also on their list of appetizer recommendations. I had very high expectations with the calamari, and it did not fall short. It was coated well enough that the outside was crunchy but the squid remained soft and moist. The sauce on the side added a good kick to it. Needless to say, I can eat a handful of these when I come back to Cabo Wabo Cantina in the near future.

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At this point in the meal, I was getting really full, but I had room for the main course meal. I got the Surf & Turf, a 12-oz. NY steak that is cooked in an open flame and was topped by their famous signature shrimp. Everything leading up to the main course was exceeding my standards, but when they brought out the steak from the kitchen, my mouth couldn’t help but water even more than it already was. The steak was cooked medium rare and the shrimp were coated with just enough saltiness without overpowering the flavorful meat. The 12-oz. steak was too big to finish, but the server was kind enough to give us to-go boxes for our trip back home.

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Our meal didn’t stop there; Cabo Wabo Cantina is also famous for their delicious delicacies and desserts. Good thing we made room for all of it! Our lunch concluded with a huge serving of a hot fudge brownie that was about the size of my face. It was served in the biggest glass I have ever seen. It relieved me that the size did not sacrifice the taste of the brownie at all. The brownie paired with the creamiest whip cream ever gave it a powerful combination. I couldn’t have picked a better dessert to cleanse off the salt palette from my tongue!

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I cannot recommend Cabo Wabo Cantina enough to anyone visiting Las Vegas. Apart from an array of food options, the decor and service are up to par with my expectations! I might not be going to Las Vegas any time soon, but I will definitely check out their Hollywood branch!

Photo Courtesy of Mikee Lachica

Mikee is an alumna at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and served as the HCUCLA President and one of the Campus Correspondents for the 2019-2020 school year. She is a lover of all things pink, aesthetic, and good storytelling. In her spare time pre-pandemic, you would find her watching a good rom-com movie, going to Disneyland, exploring more of Los Angeles through coffee shops, brunch places, and events, or playing with her puppy, Snowie! During the pandemic, she enjoys graphic designing on her iPad (and watching even more rom-coms with Snowie). Currently, Mikee is bringing Disney+ moments to life through world-class campaigns at The Walt Disney Company and earning her Master's Degree in Communication Management at the University of Southern California (USC). Contact Mikee via email at mikeejoycelachica@gmail.com or visit her portfolio at http://mklchc.co
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