A Poem for Fall in Los Angeles

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Fall in Los Angeles

October 1st, 6am. I wake up, stretch, pull the covers over my body— it’s chilly in my apartment this morning. 

I look behind me, at the window behind my bed. Hmm, the sun is not yet out. Maybe it will finally feel like Fall today.

Begrudgingly, I put each foot to the floor and tiptoe to the kitchen. Coffee is the only thing on my mind.

I feel a crisp chill. More than I have in months at this time in the morning. I grasp my hot coffee closer. “It’s time,” I think to myself.

After finishing my coffee, I tiptoe back to my room, to my closet. 

In my closet, I dust off my long fall jackets. As my eyes are scanning the various pieces, I think to myself “It’s finally time to wear my favorite jacket.”

I grab my long jacket, thrust it on my bed. It’s been a long summer away from it.

And then I see a light glow arise from the corner of my room. The sun. I suddenly start to remember that even though it’s October 1st, I live in Los Angeles.

I am curious as to why I felt so cold this morning. Then I remember. My roommate changed the air conditioner to a cool seventy degrees last night.

I run to my phone plugged in at my desk and check the temperatures for today. My eyes drift to each hour, my heart sinks. Eighty degrees at noon today.

My eyes flick back to my long jacket on the bed. I guess this is Fall in Los Angeles.


Photo Courtesy: Micaela Harris