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November Is The Month To Make Your “No” Goals

As November has approached, we are all ready for the holiday season. It is November, and it is the month to make our “no” goals. Many of you have probably heard of No Shave November, in which people don’t shave for the entire month with the purpose of raising awareness and funding for cancer research and prevention. This is just one of the “no” goals that you can make for yourself, but there are plenty more. “No” Goal November is all about making your goals and of course accomplishing them as well!

One goal that immediately comes to mind is No Spending November. As college students, we should be saving, but the appeal of items and events such as food, clothes and concerts is too much to resist. Because of this reason, we spend much more than we can afford. The credit card is very dangerous for us because it is not a physical bill; instead, the money transfer is electronic. As a result, having a card makes it so easy for us to continue spending because we aren’t giving away physical money when paying. Thus, No Spending November has the purpose of making sure we don’t overspend. Should you get a new pair of shoes when you already have four? The answer is no – no spending! You don’t need to go out to eat everyday, you can cook your own food. Instead of taking a Lyft to your friend’s apartment, take the extra 15 minutes to walk there. So, this November we are making it a goal to not spend. 

November is one month away from finals, so a good goal to make is no procrastinating! As the quarter continues, we get more tired and burnt out from all the nights of staying up to study and do homework. This tiredness may sometimes lead to severe procrastination, in which we don’t start homework until the day before it is due. Or, we even study a few days before the exam. However, if we keep in mind that it is No Procrastinating November, we can easily achieve this goal by managing our time well. By organizing work and making plans to finish assignments on certain days, we have time to relax and aren’t stressed by having to complete work right before it is due. 

Another option is No Lazy November! With the fast pace of the quarter system, it gets hard for us to work out or go out to spend time with friends and family. Instead, we’d rather stay in our beds to sleep or isolate ourselves from the outside world. Although it is good to use a few days for having time to yourself and just staying in bed, there are times when you can relax with others or go out as well. Make a plan to start exercising again to maintain your health. Make plans with friends or family to go eat, watch a movie or to simply just have a casual conversation. Don’t let your entire November be filled with lazy days because you might be missing out on some new and exciting experiences. 

These are just three “no” goals for November. However, there is an infinite number of goals that you can make for yourself. Your “no” goals can be anything, but just having that goal in mind for the entire month of November may motivate you to actually accomplish it. So, make sure to enjoy your November while also checking up on yourself with “No” Goal November!

Jamie Vu

UCLA '23

Jamie is a second year student at UCLA. She loves to listen to music and enjoys going to concerts and listening to artists live. During her free time, she likes to go out and explore.
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