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6 Must-Try New Bath & Body Works Fragrances For Winter 2022

Fragrances are the best way to help us relax and feel at home. For this winter season, Bath & Body Works has already released its new set of fragrances for us to enjoy. Here are the top 6 products that you should try:

Vanilla Bean Noel

Who doesn’t want a sweet fragrance on a cold, winter day? The Vanilla Bean Noel is a sweeter and more playful version of the classic Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance. I recommend getting the travel-size body lotion to make your winter break packing easier!

cotton candy champagne

Cotton Candy Champagne is the mix of our childhood dream and the luxurious, adult dessert. It’s perfect for the holiday season as both foods remind us of richness and happiness. Decorated with “LOVE” in big words, the Cotton Candy Champagne candle would be a very romantic gift to your loved one.

fresh balsam

If you want to feel like you are walking in the woods on a fresh winter morning, try this fragrance! It is the amalgamation of different kinds of woods and it will help you relax at night as well as feel fresh and ready for the day.

winter candy apple

This fragrance is fruity but refreshing with a hint of cinnamon spice. The clash of sweet and fresh may remind you of the aroma of your grandma’s apple pie, mixed with the minty smell of your Christmas tree, making you feel all ready for that holiday family gathering.

Classic Flannel

Although a bit strong, this fragrance is perfect to use for room sprays to help set a winter smell in your room. This fragrance is known to have a masculine hint to it, so you can even give it to your male friends or family members.

Pure Wonder

The name says it all—Pure Wonder is a gorgeous mix of rose and jasmine. Its refreshing fragrance makes it the perfect scent to be used as a perfume or room spray.

These were the new Bath & Body Works fragrances that you can add to your shopping list this winter. You can mix and match any of these to create the ideal gift, or buy one for your own for self-care. Happy holidays everyone!

Rio Wakura is a first-year student at UCLA. She is from Japan and she is planning to major in Economics! In her free time, you can find her devouring desserts with her friends, enjoying karaoke, or exploring LA :)
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