Little Things To Do To Keep Your Mind Happy & Healthy

During this time where the world feels as though it is both at a stand-still and in the midst of a mass chaos all at once, it is important that each person is able to maintain their own sense of personal happiness and connection with themselves, nature and the rest of the world. So, to keep your mind happy and active in the days and weeks to come, it is essential to have some type of structure or goals for your days so that you do not fall into a rut, spiral and go down a detrimental path that could be easily avoidable!

Our bodies are amazing, intricate and pure, and they need the right care in order to function properly for our day to day lives. That being said, it is important to treat your physical health with just as much care as your mental health. One thing my best friend and I have done during our quarantine is make a ‘Happy Jar’ to boost our spirits and intentionally show gratitude throughout our days. What is a Happy Jar, you ask? A Happy Jar is a personally decorated Mason jar (or whatever type of jar you have on hand) that holds all of the happy memories you choose to write down during your days and weeks in quarantine. This jar is a great way of acknowledging the light and goodness in your day through physically taking the time to write out these moments and appreciate them more fully. At the end of quarantine, you and your fellow jar-buddies can open them up and recount all of the good that came out of this time. happy jar katherine pappas

Another easy and effective way to keep your mind happy and healthy is taking the time to journal once a day. Even if you only write for ten minutes or so, the act of writing about yourself and reflecting on your day, who you spoke with and what you did can really improve your mood and make you feel a sense of accomplishment. Also, pick up a new hobby that makes you happy! Start painting, sketching or drawing if you want to get more in touch with your creative side. You could also try poetry, haikus or reading novels if you are interested in expanding your literary prowess. Finally, now is a great time to experiment with new recipes or cooking techniques that you have always wanted to try. Be bold and do not be afraid to make mistakes - road bumps often make the ride that much more memorable! computer hands writing in journal on table Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

One last tip - make sure to incorporate some exercise or time with nature into your day! This allows you to release stressors and increase your endorphin levels, which are two necessary measures for maintaining a healthy body and a clear mind. There is a wide array of free workout videos online now (yoga, pilates, hiit, etc.), that make it so accessible and fun to get your body moving! Do what works for you and makes your body happy in the process, and switch it up some days to keep yourself on your toes and interested! Walks or runs outside can always be a mood booster, so try and incorporate this into your workout routine- but do not forget to stretch! person standing on field facing a sunset Victor Freitas via Pexels

The key here is to make the most of your time by doing things you enjoy. Expanding your mind to venture out into new areas and to cultivate new interests is always beneficial for personal growth. You never know what new things you may discover about yourself!