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I’ve Decided To Quit Social Media For The Summer And I Think You Should Too

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Like many others, I am absolutely obsessed with social media. From buying every trending product, to keeping up with the latest celebrity drama, social media has consumed me entirely. I spend hours and hours every single day scrolling through TikTok, and when I get tired of that, I switch over to Instagram. It’s exhausting. So, I decided to challenge myself this summer and give up social media.

There are multiple reasons why I decided to give up social media. I was constantly comparing myself to influencers living luxurious lives and wasting hours each morning scrolling before even being present in my own existence. It was time to take a pause and focus on myself this summer. Here are the things I plan to do instead of scrolling through social media.

Start listening to podcasts and new genres of music

I’m someone who loves consistency, whether it’s choosing to listen to the same artists all the time or re-watching my favorite TV shows because new things give me anxiety. However, I want to challenge myself to try something new, and I think you should too! So, while you’re doing your daily errands or chores, instead of listening to Olivia Rodrigo for the thousandth time, try mixing it up with an artist outside of your comfort zone.

The same goes for podcasts. I love “Just Trish” with Trisha Paytas and “Cancelled” with Tana Mongeau and Brooke Schofield, but maybe I need to explore more educational content. I adore my comfort podcasts, but now is the time to try new things!

prioritize reading before bed

If you’re the type of person who stays up until 2 am scrolling through social media, I’m calling you out on this one. Instead of losing sleep over endless scrolling, you could be using that time to read the books you’ve always wanted to or even revisit old favorites from before you got a phone.

I’ve already started incorporating this step into my nightly routine, and let me tell you, after about twenty pages, I’m ready to call it a night. As someone who struggles with insomnia, this has been a game-changer! Plus, my dreams have become so much more creative because reading constantly engages my imagination, which I rarely use unless I’m daydreaming during class. This summer, reading is for all the hot girls.

learn to make new recipes

I’m calling out everyone who can’t cook! Including me, tehe. As someone who will be living in an apartment next year, away from the dining halls, I need to learn to cook or I’ll be surviving on pizza pockets and cereal.

Learning to cook is such a fun group activity, or if you’re like me, a fun thing to do while watching a reality TV show in the background. I just started learning to cook this summer with my boyfriend, and we’re having a blast making homemade pizza and pasta. It’s an exciting activity out of my comfort zone, but honestly, it’s for the better. Trader Joe’s is going to be my best friend next school year. Imagine being the host friend, showing off your amazing cooking skills—nothing is better than that.

start mornings with long walks

I tend to neglect my physical health when I’m really stressed out, but now I have no excuse. I’m so excited to get back into fitness. Instead of spending hours on social media in the morning, letting life pass by, my goal is to get up the moment I wake up and go on a nice walk. I want to enjoy the morning air and actually notice my surroundings.

Do you ever get so caught up on your phone that you forget to notice the beauty of life? Whenever I have those moments, I feel like I’m in a simulation, but it’s actually about being present in the moment. Funny how that works! If you prefer running, do that instead. (Not me, but stay safe!)

Start a new TV show

I have the shortest attention span on earth and can never sit down to watch TV without looking at my phone, but that all changes now. I hope getting off social media will improve my attention span, but it’s a work in progress. I’m starting by getting into new TV shows.

I’ve never watched “How I Met Your Mother” and need to catch up on the second half of “Bridgerton,” so I have my list ready. I challenge you to do the same and see if you can stay off your phone for an entire episode. If you can’t, well, you know—give up social media!

practice new self-care routines

Like everyone else, I find myself obsessed with social media beauty trends. However, now is the perfect opportunity to embrace self-care routines that are truly personal and not influenced by trends. Just because Hailey Bieber uses a specific body wash doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. Instead, experiment with products that genuinely appeal to you, based on what works best for your hair type and skin.

Personally, this summer I’m excited to learn heatless curl techniques to protect my hair from damage and to incorporate more makeup into my daily routine. My favorite ritual is getting dressed in the morning, by trying out new looks and styles—it’s my form of self-care. Even more satisfying is winding down at night, removing my makeup, and relaxing with a good book by a lit candle while enjoying a cup of green tea. It’s pure perfection to me and now I can prioritize this over doom scrolling at night.

Those are some of the things I’m focusing on instead of letting social media dictate my happiness. This summer, I’m determined to be the source of my own joy, not the number of likes on a photo. When I eventually return to social media, I hope to see it as a place for sharing moments, not defining my life.

If you’re up for the challenge with me, I hope you find it rewarding. Let’s keep social media fun without letting it define our worth. Whether you’re cutting back or taking a break, let’s enjoy living our own lives this summer. Have an amazing one!

Jenny is a second-year Psychology major at UCLA, from Reedley, California. She loves working out, going on iced coffee runs, staying updated with the latest celebrity gossip, and watching early 2000's rom-coms. In her free time, you'll likely find her walking around campus with an iced coffee, music blaring, and always shopping on Bruinwalk.