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It’s Time To Self-Assess: Is It Time To Declutter?

Do you ever just sit down for a brief second and take a good look around you? Is there clutter? If so, how does it make you feel? A lot of clutter around you (now not just physically around you, but even emotional clutter and technological clutter) can affect your life greatly. If there is a lot going on from the minute you open your eyes in the morning, then automatically stress can overcome you: a crowded desk, 100 apps on your phone, five books stacked on your bedside table and so on. Be honest with yourself, do these things make you happier? Feel more productive? Make you feel relaxed and at ease at all times? I bet the answer is no. Do you want to know the one and  only solution to a cluttered mind? The answe is to declutter. 

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Decluttering your workplace is one of the first steps that you can take to help you achieve a calm state of mind while being extremely productive. If you only put the necessities on your desk, such as a bottle of water, coffee mug, laptop and a notepad, then you are prepared to take on the day with only a few items, rather than having a bunch of books near you and ten different colored pens which are unnecessary. Make sure the environment where you work is also decluttered. Make sure the floor is wiped clean, your bed is made and everything around you is tidy. If you feel constantly overwhelmed, then also declutter your closet. Throw away clothing you no longer wear and keep a minimalist approach. For example, a few simple pieces can be matched with anything for any event. Finally, declutter technology. Most of us have smartphones, iPads and laptops. Make sure to only put things you need on it such as a calendar, reminders list, alarms, communication apps, note taking apps and so on. You don’t need a lot of unnecessary clutter on a tiny screen you will be staring at most of the day. Keep it simple and to the point. 

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But how do we start to declutter our lives? In my opinion, the best way is to take a minimalist approach. Deciding what is useful and necessary in every aspect of your life is a great way to start adapting to the minimalist lifestyle. This can create less stress and anxiety and make sure you have control over the little things. Having a less cluttered environment eventually leads to less distractions and thus more motivation. 

Overall, this approach may not work for everyone, but it does not hurt to try it out. Try this more minimalist way of life for a week or two and reflect to see how you feel. It is okay if it doesn’t feel right, but our lives are already so busy and we are constantly moving, so we do need a moment, a space and anything we can get that can reduce any excess stress in our lives. 

Yasmin is a second year student at UCLA. She is majoring in Psychobiology and minoring in Global Health. Other than being involved in Her Campus, she does research at the Semel Institute in Los Angeles and is a member of Flying Sams. She loves reading, binge watching Netflix shows, and painting (even though she isn't great).
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