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It’s Official: We’re Having A Sabrina Carpenter Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe it’s that me espresso… either way, Sabrina Carpenter is a certified pop princess. Sab is having an absolutely stellar 2024 — from joining Taylor Swift on The Eras Tour to heating up the desert at Coachella, little miss Girl Meets World is making her mark on the globe.

After watching Sabrina’s latest performance on Saturday Night Live, I am confident that she’s going to absolutely dominate this summer season. Ready to feel lighter than a feather? Here are four ways I’m entering my very own Sabrina Carpenter summer:

Adding a sPlash of glam and girly Playfulness

Sabrina’s style feels like a cross between peak Carrie Bradshaw and Polly Pocket — and I’m absolutely obsessed. My summer wardrobe inspo is literally just the “Espresso” music video. With its golden-toned, vintage feel, I feel like it just SCREAMS hot girl summer. Take this gorgeous linen dress — I just need it for frolicking through the farmer’s market.

I’m nursing just as much style envy for Sab’s recent birthday look. Because my going-out looks often consist of all-black ensembles, I feel like this is a fun, summery twist perfect for getting dinner with friends by the beach.

And don’t even get me started on her signature makeup… long story short, I’ve found my summer style soulmate.

Bumping a Bubblegum Pop Summer Soundtrack

Okay, okay. I’ve already talked about my love for fun pop music, but Sabrina is just knocking it out of the park in the pop princess category. Even though “Espresso” is all the rage right now, I think emails i can’t send fwd: is one of the greatest female pop albums in the last few years. For everyone who hasn’t listened, I’m so sorry for your loss — but’s never too late to give it a stream!

If you love “Nonsense”, you need to hear me out on my favorite track: “Read your Mind.” The bouncy production puts a pep in my step, and those lyrics… I think she may have just read my mind.

Sending My GAFs on Vacation

Following the vibe of “Read Your Mind” and “Espresso”, we’re sending our GAFs on vacation. For me, I’m making this summer all about choosing what makes me feel good. In the wise words of Sabrina, that means slamming the door, hitting ignore, and saying no when I need to — boundaries are super important!

Grabbing Affogatos always

I couldn’t end this list without giving into the “Espresso” craze. Because you couldn’t catch me drinking a hot drink in July, I propose we make affogatos the treat of the summer. With a mix of espresso and gelato, it’s the most delicious energy boost I’ve ever tried. I still dream about this affogato I had in Florence last summer!

As the weather warms and “Espresso” continues dominating the radio waves, let’s make our very own summer of Sabrina.

Mallory is a second year English major from Los Angeles, California. She loves thrifting, traveling, and listening to Taylor Swift.