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I Took Myself on a Date and Had the Time of My Life

It’s a Friday morning, and you’re getting ready to go to class. Jingle Ball is that night in your town and is featuring many of your favorite artists, so of course, you HAVE to go. None of your friends can go with you, but this is too good to miss. You decide to spontaneously buy yourself a ticket and take yourself on a date to the concert because you’re an independent woman who doesn’t need company to do the things you love!

Being single means not always having someone to do things with, but we shouldn’t let that stop us from doing what we want to do! I have passed up on opportunities in the past because I didn’t have anyone to go with and I didn’t want to go alone. But I knew that I would regret not going to this concert because the FOMO would have been so real, so I didn’t let my anxiety of going alone get the best of me!

I never knew that going on date with myself could end up being so much fun! Sure, I’ve gone to the movies alone before, but that didn’t feel as extreme as going to Jingle Ball alone. I got to see Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato and so many more artists perform at ONE concert. I sang along to almost every song, and I danced my little heart out!

I got myself a drink at the concert, which is something I’ve only done a couple times because I’m newly 21! I never really drink alone, so it felt a little weird, but I just rolled with it and ended up having the time of my life!

When the concert was over, I headed to my car and was out of traffic within 5 minutes (thank you, offsite parking!). On my way home from the show, I stopped at In-N-Out and treated myself to some much-needed greasy food and a shake!

It really was an entire night of treating myself to a good time before finals started up. The importance of self-love and self-care was at the forefront of my mind, from when I bought the ticket to when I got home that night. Taking myself on a date and not waiting around for someone else showed me that I can be an independent person who doesn’t always need other people to have fun.

So, next time there’s an event you want to go to, a movie you want to see or even a trip you want to take, don’t hesitate to do it just because no one else can or will go with you! Take yourself out! Buy yourself a drink and get comfortable!

I took myself out on a date, and now I have an appreciation for myself that you can only get from doing the same. It’s an experience everyone should have, and if you’ve never done it, I highly recommend that you do it ASAP!

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Emily is a graduate of UCLA and former Senior Editor of Her Campus at UCLA. During her free time, Emily loves to read, travel and binge-watch episodes of Gilmore Girls. She can be reached at [email protected]
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