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Here Are 5 Spooky Accessories That You Can Wear Year-Round

Want to spice up your Halloween costume with some accessories but are scared that you will never wear it after Spooky season? Don’t worry, I got your back. These are five accessories that you can wear year-round, with tips on how to match them with your outfit:  

spider earrings

What’s one of the most iconic Halloween insects? Yup, you guessed it: spiders. Even though spiders basically represent Halloween, small spider earrings can add a luxurious touch to your casual outfits any time of the year. Get ones with cute colors like pink or turquoise, and you can brighten your look with no trace of Halloween undertones.

snake rings

A snake ring is a perfect accessory to show your inner sexiness and a bit of evilness. Colors like gold or silver are recommended for all year long use; as long as you think you can rock it though, any color should do the job!

moon necklaces

We often associate full moons with Halloween nights, but moon necklaces, styled with blouses, can be worn any time. Wearing them with a white blouse can leave an especially cute, feminine impression.

Skeleton belt buckles

What better way to express your inner rock than a skeleton belt buckle? They can be worn with black, ripped jeans for total baddie vibes, but you can also wear them with a black mini skirt for a more gothic look.

Purple scrunchies… or any other funky scrunchies

Last but certainly not least (and my personal favorite), scrunchies! Other than traditional Halloween colors like orange and black, other colors like green, purple or white can help you spice up your costume. Even the more funky ones can be worn year-round to add a touch of personality to your outfit. 

Even if you don’t tie your hair up often, it’s still cute to have them on your hand. I mean, what harm would scrunchies do?

These were my top five Halloween accessories that aren’t only limited to the spooky season. It’s fun to shop for seasonal items, but doing so strategically will help you look cute while also making your wallet happy. Now, let’s go Halloween shopping!

Rio Wakura is a first-year student at UCLA. She is from Japan and she is planning to major in Economics! In her free time, you can find her devouring desserts with her friends, enjoying karaoke, or exploring LA :)
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