The Heart Wants What It Wants: 6 Things To Treat Yourself To This Valentine's Day

Ah, the season of love! With February comes the arrival of boxes of chocolate, fresh flowers and stuffed teddy bears. If love could be visualized and put in material terms, then yes, love is in the air. Whether you’ll be celebrating this year’s Valentine’s Day with a significant other or with your gal pals, don’t forget to practice self-love and self-care. This holiday is the perfect excuse to treat yourself.


1. Mani-Pedis


Who doesn’t love being pampered and cared for? If you get mani-pedis regularly, indulge in getting a new treatment that you may not otherwise typically go for. If mani-pedis aren’t usually in your schedule, try to work it in and show yourself some love! Bonus points if you bring along your friends and make a Galentine’s out of it!

2. A Bubble Bath


Can you even remember the last time you had a proper bubble bath? I’m talking bath bombs. Bath oils. The works. Fill up your bathtub, plug in your favorite playlist, and in true Blair Waldorf style, bring a box of macarons too! Lately, we've been loving Queen V's bombshell bathbombs.  

3. Brunch


Brunch with the BFFs is a luxury we can’t always afford; deadlines and the pressure of time often make it difficult to plan brunches with your friends. This Valentine’s Day, get your friends together for a brunch that’ll relax you with waffles and laughter.

4. The Spa


Relaxing is easier said than done. Sometimes you just want to relax by curling up by an imaginary fireplace and indulging in Swiss chocolates. But when that’s not possible, the best relaxation technique is to go to a spa. Get the full treatment: massages, facials—come back feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

5. Shopping


Who can say no to a new pair of shoes? A new pair of earrings? Go on a shopping spree and fill up your wardrobe with new items. Somehow, the stress of exams and midterms just seem to dissolve when you come across a good deal.

6. Sweets


The gym? Working out? That can come later. For now, give in (just a little bit) to the pretty boxed chocolates and the Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes. Resistance, after all, is futile.

As Valentine’s Day nears, remember and embrace all the love you have for all the people in your life. But don’t forget that you deserve some love too. Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and show yourself some love!