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Halloween Candies You Will Love Based On Your Major 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

‘Tis the season for Halloween candies! Wondering which candies you should get? Here’s a list of recommended treated, based on your major:

Psycology: twix

Which one are you—left Twix or right Twix? Just like the human brain, Twix is divided into left and right. Caramelly and delicious Twix are also like your best friend who can cheer you up when you feel down, just like your psychology major bestie.

Business-economics: starburst

As a business-economics major myself, I can argue that Starbursts are the go-to Halloween candy for anyone in the business field. Perfectly square-shaped and neatly wrapped, Starbursts are super convenient to carry around between meetings. Starbursts’ colors also represent the diversity in business majors—some are sweet, some are sour and some are your favorite people!

biology: Kit kats

If you’re a biology major, your favorite candy HAS to be Kit Kats! As the world’s first confectionary brand to be made from 100% sustainable cocoa, Kit Kats are considered to be healthy—of course, what biology majors are into. Biology majors also love to share… want to share the other half of the Kit Kat with me?

english: reese’s peanut butter cups

Everyone’s childhood favorite, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, are perfect for hungry English majors. Just like Reese’s were one of our core childhood snacks, English was always one of our core school subjects—and it still is for English majors!

Reese’s and English majors may both a bit hard to crack at first, but once you get (bite) into their comfort zone, they are super sweet. That’s why I love English majors!

engineering: sour patch kids

Did you know that Sour Patch Kids were originally supposed to be martians instead of kids? Just like Sour Patch Kids come in different colors, engineering majors also specialize in different fields (mechanical, electric) and have different personalities. Some may even go to space just like the original Sour Patch Kids did!

political science/history: M&M’s

We all love M&M’s—bright, colorful and innovative with new flavors. Political science and history majors are also diverse and fun to be around. You can say that these majors have new perspectives to bring to the table, representing the constantly renewed M&M flavors!

theater/art: Popcorn

No surprise for this! What would a theater major like more than good popcorn for a movie? Jokes aside, just like popcorn transforms before and after the microwave, theater and art majors also transform their work. From switching between characters to transforming their canvases into art, this field matches perfectly with popcorn!

These were your favorite Halloween candies, by major. Of course, any major can like any candy, so I honestly encourage you to try all of the above! I hope you have the best Halloween season full of special treats.

Rio is a third-year UCLA business economics student from Japan. In her free time, you can find her hiking, dancing away at concerts, or cafe-hopping!